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Sometimes, you find yourself roaming in a forest; so you think it will be dark and cold and for you to survive, you may ne...

Sometimes, you find yourself roaming in a forest; so you think it will be dark and cold and for you to survive, you may need strength but what you do not identify is that the forest is full of resources and in some corner of it, you may find the light and so you can be a happy person with the food and welcoming gesture it is offering you.
You need to change your perspective to turn the forest around you from a gloomy one to a happy one because it’s you who decide to act and it matters a lot than the kind of situation you are put in.

One day, I was walking around a forest. For my instance, I saw a girl behind a tree. She looked devastated. I moved forward to talk to her but she disappeared. I didn’t know from where she was coming or where she wanted to go but she was there in front of my eyes but now she was gone and to where, I didn’t know? It seemed like she just disappeared. I was shocked.

I moved forward towards my home and saw the sun approaching towards dawn. I wanted to leave the forest before it was dawn and we all know the dark secrets a forest can hold. I was moving fast with my breaths getting shorter and shorter and sun drowning as if someone is giving a call to it to come home soon just as my wife does every day.

I moved fast and reached the lake which was nearly three kilometers away from my home. Sun was about to set and I had to walk for nearly an hour to reach home. I took a little water from the lake but it tasted bitter, not like the sweet one I used to have every day.

I drank it and moved. I saw the girl again but this time she was happy. She was rejoicing with herself. She had picked flowers and was playing with them as she was moving forward. I realized that it was getting dark and there was no sign of fear on the face of that lady.

I couldn’t hold myself back and so I went to her and started to talk to her while we walk.

Hello, my lady!
Hello, sir! How can I help you?
Ma’am, I just saw you before in the jungle and you were looking a little sad but now when I see you, I can see a whole bundle of life with you. Initially I thought you might be scared but now there’s no sign of it. I am confused.
She smiled and then she said the most remarkable thing I have ever heard of.
Sir, I don’t see the life the way you do, not anymore.
Yes, I was a depressed because I just have lost my half-brother this morning. We used to come to this jungle every Sunday to play. Our father had raised us like we were siblings from the same mother. I remember him to pick as many flowers as he could to give me on my birthday.
Sir, it’s my birthday today and also the day when I have lost my brother.
I came here to pick the flowers he could have picked for me. I was scared and numb by the fact that he isn’t with me but I am happy to know that I have collected all the flowers he used to pick and rarely had this happened. Today, he will be very happy, I am sure of it. I respect his happiness and smiling for having such a brother I couldn’t ever ask god for.
And yes, I am not scared of this forest because there’s nothing for me to lose. This air pours into my lungs and comes out but my brother will stay in my heart forever and that’s something which is making me happy.
Everything I am holding to will go but the memories will stay with me till eternity.
She smiled at me with tears in her eyes and said,” Sir, this is my home”.
Now I bid you goodbye and wish you a happy life.

I was stunned and wanted to say a lot but words didn’t come out from my mouth. I saw the girl opening the gate and going inside the house with a smile on face and as I saw her closing the door, I walked towards my home with a heavy heart and gratitude for my family.

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