Oxygen to my heart

Image Source: MusicBiz “People haven’t always been there for me but music always has” – Taylor Swift I love it. It’s something th...

Image Source: MusicBiz
“People haven’t always been there for me but music always has” – Taylor Swift

I love it. It’s something that I need to survive happily. Music reaches at the core of my heart. It touches me in a way, nothing can. Whenever I feel exhausted or alone, I turn on my music library and a new ride starts from there!

I love to enjoy every beat of a song. The voices surely go via our ears but touch our soul. It heals every pain, every single bit of it. When nothing goes right, it makes a new way and a new life for you. You feel yourself in an entirely different world.

As we need oxygen to survive, hearts need beats. Without its beat, heart is nothing. Heartbeat allows a person to live. Its combination is divine!

It’s the same way I need music. It heals me from every wound. The only difference in music is its preferences. Depending upon my mood, I have different genres. When you are sad, don’t listen to sad songs. It’s my only rule! When you became sad, you need to listen to something that cheers you up. It works like a medicine. All my tiredness and chaos of mind takes its way out. I think it’s not just me but this medicine works for many other people.

It’s just like oxygen to my heart. It’s okay if I don’t listen to music for some days but then I ultimately find myself listening to a lot of songs. I like rhyming them too. It’s the favorite part of it.

Genuinely speaking, never get hesitated to sing, at least in your own home. It gives immense rest to our mind unknowingly.

Sometimes songs cheer us up and sometime it also creates a rosary of tears. Some songs had made me to smile like an idiot and sometimes it had made me to cry. When you hear music, the novel of you heart starts flashing along. Memories start flowing inside your head and along with it, feelings are associated and thus everything revives.

I love to listen to songs but I don’t have a huge music library still I hear a new song almost every day. It’s because I am blessed with two sweet sister of my age. They are bigger fan of music than me I think. Neha use to listen to songs very much and before I turn music on, she turns on her music library.

So, I use to listen to a new song every time. She is a bigger freak about music than me! Along with songs, we prefer to dance and pillow fight some times. We both share a bond of being siblings and so our hearts.

Music is the oxygen to both of our hearts!

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