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Lakshmi (Image: Biznessweb ) Some incidences are so strong that they don’t leave you without giving any impact. Some things leave a ...

Lakshmi (Image: Biznessweb)

Some incidences are so strong that they don’t leave you without giving any impact. Some things leave a mark which can never be hidden but with these marks, it gives you a very deep impact. It depends on you whether you choose to be a victim or a legend!

One such story is of Lakshmi! Lakshmi was just fifteen years old when that terrible incident occurred. A 32 years old man splashed acid on her to take revenge of not accepting his marriage proposal. Acid made her blind and she was hit by passing vehicles. She remembers the day when she was asking people for help and nobody came forward.

It’s disgusting to see that people talk about problems of the country but when their own time come to contribute towards their fundamental duties, they just act as a hollow eyewitness. She could have survived from such deep burns if she could have been taken to the hospital in time!

‘First time, I saw myself in mirror. I didn’t want to live anymore. I didn’t know how to live my life with this face’. It was her words when she discovered herself after that horrible accident. When her will to live was vanishing, her father’s words gave her reason to live.

He said, “One day you’ll achieve something big in your life”. These words left such an impact on her that she recalls these words as life changing to her.

When all children of her age went to school, she was attending court sessions. This incident left its impact on her whole family. “Nobody stood beside me except my parents, one aunt and my lawyer”, she says.

She is working in many campaigns and giving support to the women and girls affected by it. I am personally a supporter of her. Last year, I remember signing a petition for acid attack victims and that petition was signed by 27,000 people across the country. They had worked hard for this cause and result came that honorable Supreme Court directed state government to regulate the sale of acid.

It was a hard journey which Lakshmi walked with confidence and showed the world that life of a girl is not over after acid attack!

She is director of Chhanv foundation which is a NGO dedicated to help acid attack survivors in India. She received a 2014 International Women of Courage award by USA’s first woman Michelle Obama.

Now, she is chosen as new face of Indian fashion brand ‘viva n diva’. She is #FaceofCourage. It’s an initiative by viva n diva to motivate such victims to come up in fashion world.

Beauty is not held by your face that wrinkles after a time, it remains in the innocence of eyes forever!

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