I love you, truly- My lovely cartoon shows!

Cartoons have always fascinated kids. Today, when I see kids watching cartoons, I join them sometimes. I personally feel that cartoons of ...

Cartoons have always fascinated kids. Today, when I see kids watching cartoons, I join them sometimes. I personally feel that cartoons of our era were much better and fascinating then what today’s kids watch. I am sharing about some of the fantastico cartoons of all times!

1) Simba: The lion king: It was the most popular cartoon series of television. Nobody could opt to miss a single episode of it at any cost. The story was ongoing and a lot of fun and adventure have lied in their journey. It had always remained the best cartoon I’ve ever seen and I think most of you too have loved it. Every cartoon character of this series was unique in them. I remember how we people had cried to know that Simba died but at the end he returned back and joy filled everywhere. Those cartoons have something that had emotionally linked children to them which I don’t find in today’s cartoon characters.

2) The Powerpuff Girls: It was a television series which I had seen on “Cartoon Network”. It had always remained close to me and had always inspired me to fight against evil in my childhood. These cartoons always had a story to tell. The way Mojo-jojo used to perform evil tasks and Powerpuff girls had always got a call from Mayor to take revenge from Mojo-jojo, they have always fled with their superpowers. We were three girls at home and literally, we’d thought to be the powerpuff girls for the city.

3) Tom and Jerry: Tom and Jerry has always remained all-time favorite cartoon of most of the people. I’d always liked its series in which they both were children and its title song was awesome. Without singing that song, Tom and Jerry ritual had remained incomplete. It was like the Cartoon Anthem. 

4) Richie Rich: Who doesn’t like a lot of money with a robot like Irona who can do almost anything? Richie rich have always remained a cartoon who was an intelligent and rich fellow. His majestic way of living was enough to get children involve in him. I had always liked the GEMS at the end of episodes. 

5) Ostwald: Ostwald was world’s cutest and descent octopus. He was the most generous guy who had preached children to be generous and helpful. He had never denied anyone for anything. I still remember his episodes. The best part was their yummy ice-creams. 

6) Noddy: A little and most charming cartoon character ‘Noddy’ had always remained in the top list of cartoon characters. His colorful town, people and his fun loving behavior had always captivated children. It was a cartoon character for which people used to fight. His car was much more important than anything to children.

I have a very long list of cartoon episodes which have always remained source of joy and inspiration to me. I think those cartoons were a creative way of inspiring and motivating children to choose right path and to work for good cause!

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