Shikari Devi: A Temple without any Roof

Shikari Devi Temple (Image: Inditramp ) Indeed a bizarre  place! One more tale from the lap of Himalayas is about a very famous te...

Shikari Devi Temple (Image: Inditramp)
Indeed a bizarre place!

One more tale from the lap of Himalayas is about a very famous temple of district Mandi. Shikari Devi temple is situated on the highest mountain of district Mandi. Its height is 3285 meters from the sea level and this place receives snowfall for more than half months of a year. When season becomes favorable, a lot of people visit this temple.

This temple on the hilltop is formed without any roof! Many people tried to construct roof over this temple but remained in vain. Nobody has ever succeeded in forming a roof over this temple. It’s believed that goddess doesn’t allow anything to be put over her head. Only the small area covered by little walls in which the stone idols of goddess are placed remains clean of the snow. Snow melts within minutes inside the temple and around the walls, there remain crystal clear white snow for days!

It is believed that Rishi Markenday had done austerity at this place and because of his austerity Maa Durga appeared in front of him and settled at the mountain on his request. Afterwards, Pandav’s during their stay in Himalayas constructed this temple. This temple consists of stone goddess ‘Shikari Devi’ and several other stone idols.

It was after construction of temple that hunters started to come to hunt in this forest and they used to ask goddess for their victory. After praying to goddess, their wishes fulfilled and later on this temple was named Shikari Devi and people started to call that mountain, Shikari Devi Mountain.

When Pandav’s worshiped and made goddess happy because of their devotion, goddess blessed them to get victory over Kauravs. During their stay, they started the construction of this temple but didn’t complete because of some reasons.
Lakhs of devotees come here every year. The way to this temple owns natural beauty in abundance. There is greenery all over the place and scenic beauty is magnificent!

If you get a chance to sit around bonfire with locals accompanying you, you will be lucky enough to hear some horror stories which can bring chills to you.

Devdhar is the place where people stay before they trek toward the temple of divine goddess. There are numerous stories that you can hear from the locals. I can’t say that the forest is haunted but after a certain boundary where woods become impenetrable; you are prohibited to enter that zone. It’s said that anyone who has gone there have never came back!

Many people might have seen it in movies or have read in stories but it’s real. I don’t know if there’s any scientific fact too behind all these mysteries but whatever has happened in history and happens till day makes me believe in these tales.

All I can summarize is that there are many more legends and many more ambiguities which are hidden by the Mountains.

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