Discovery of Dwarka- The city of lord krishna

Submerged Dwarka (Image: Earthporm ) For the forks who have belief in God and for the ones who doesn't, this discovery is of impo...

Submerged Dwarka (Image: Earthporm)
For the forks who have belief in God and for the ones who doesn't, this discovery is of importance to both of you.

For me, I believe!

A fantastic discovery was done by Marine Archaeology Unit jointly with the National Institute of Oceanography and the Archaeological Survey of India and result came a proof of our undeniable belief on God!

Shri Krishna's Dwarka is discovered! Yes, you read it right. Dwarka where Shri Krishna has resided, it is now submerged in Sea!

Twelve marine expeditions were carried out by the researchers between the years 1983 to 1992 on the west coast. Geophysical survey was conducted with the use of echo-sounders, sub-bottom profilers, mud-penetrators and metal detectors and guess the results! Dwarka was discovered under water. It seems as if Dwarka used to be a prosperous city and it had been reconstructed several times.

The antiques and articles were collected from the site and tested by thermo-luminescence and carbon dating. Results showed that these artifacts belong to the period between 15th to 18th Century BC! bravo!

This city under water is at the same location where Dwarka was supposed to be at the time of Mahabharata. It’s surely evident that Mahabharata had occurred and Lord Krishna had existed. Moreover, the artifacts which are collected from the site shows a connection of this city with Mahabharata. Those artifacts were seals engraved with the image of three headed animal. It is mentioned in Mahabharata that those seals were distributed to the people of Dwarka to show their identity when the city was threatened by the king of Magadh!

Western archeologists believed that there was no urbanization in Indian subcontinent at the time between Indus Valley civilization and advent of Buddhism. Due to lack of information, it was termed as a ‘dark period’ but now we have enough evidence to prove our history. A greatly constructed underwater city is proof of our existence!

According to Hindu mythology, Kali-yuga has begun in 3102 BC, Lord Krishna and Dwarka had been submerged before this date. With this, It’s also believed that Mahabharata is no less than 5000 years old.

It is probable that the land was reclaimed from the sea about 3600 years ago as it shows signs of reconstruction. Seven islands were also discovered in Arabian Sea and the reference of these two things is given in Mahabharata. An epic written in an epic!

In ancient texts, it is told by Lord Krishna to its countrymen that after his death, the city of Dwarka would be destroyed as soon as he would leave the world. There would be no one else to save Dwarka. He asked 56 Crore people to evacuate and leave that place.

After the death of Lord Krishna, Arjuna has taken the grandchildren of Shri Krishna to Hastinapur. This city is believed to be destructed by tsunami as mentioned in old texts.

It’s up to you to believe something or not but I must say this discovery is very important for the common people of our country and to the historians. 

This discovery has further increased the chances of unearthing of more treasures hidden by the sea!

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