A box without the key

Image Source: Mcphee There was a box, a very big one which was locked from inside. Everyone used to see it every day at the center...

Image Source: Mcphee
There was a box, a very big one which was locked from inside. Everyone used to see it every day at the center of the town. The box seemed to be wooden but on touching, it was made of something hard. Every man or women who were the residents of that town were accustomed to it. It wasn’t a new thing to them. The box was lying there till centuries. Some people tried to open it but remained in vain.

It was a very big one so King decided not to break it as it could create problems. Years passed and that box remained there undiscovered. When the box became royal property, it became a weekly routine to clean the box as its outer portion looked good and it was like an unknown treasure to them.

One day king was watching outside his window, the brown-black bog was increasing the worth of his town. There was no box as big as it was. The only thing that left him intrigued was that how was the box closed from inside?

There was no lock and no key hole by which the box could be opened. When King of the town died, his powers shifted to his bigger son who was a much curious man. He was astonished and interested in that wooden box. It had always remained a question since his childhood that what’s inside the box?

One day, the new king got an intense desire to know what does the box possess and why is it closed from inside? He asked his men to come with him to inspect the box. He himself saw each and every edge of the box. With the help of ladder, he climbed up to the top of the box but found no way to open it.

It was suspicious that who left such a big box in their small town. He asked many men to open it and set a reward but nobody was ever able to open that. He got frustrated as he too was growing old and the box mystery was abandoning him to perform his other works efficiently.

One day, man from a far town visited him. When he saw the box, he asked where about of it to which King didn’t had answers. He told him about his worries and desires about the box. That man listened to every detail with utmost silence.

Next day, man asked king for permission to try to open the box to which king said yes with delight. He witnessed every corner and every edge of the box but found no way to open it. He asked servants to push box like King already had done. He had circumnavigated it from all the sides but always remained in vain.

When all the sides of the box were pushed hard to get it open and nothing happened, a small child innocently said to the man that I am watching every person to put their struggle to open the box but no one could do it.

Why are they pushing it hard when it doesn’t want to get pushed?

Can’t they pull it?

King saw the same curious child that he was years back. He ordered his men to pull it from all the sides and it got opened after sometime and a huge treasure of gold and precious stones glowed in sunlight.

Same is the case with us, we are pushing things which demands to be pulled. When we saw problems, we try to push it away to get rid of it but in actual it demands to be pulled; it demands to be addressed. The box without key needs to get open and that can only be opened by observing it and acting wisely!

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