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Image: CdnImages It’s said that you gain the value of anything after losing it! Same was the case with us. We had studied togeth...

Image: CdnImages
It’s said that you gain the value of anything after losing it!

Same was the case with us. We had studied together since childhood and shared unlimited memories. Our world used to be around each other. There was no other world known to us. The gossips, chit-chat, fights, drama, dance performances, group songs to sharing each and everything. We were best friends!

Sonali and I used to be together since childhood. I think from nursery class, we used to stay with each other. Whole class aside and two of us another side. Life was simple and happy. I can recall the time when whole of the class made unity and we were punished for writing on toilet walls. It was not just the two of us who use to do it. Due to her shy nature, she never talked with anyone else. Once, someone wrote her name in ‘My best friend’ and she scratched her face with nails. It was until fifth class that we never interacted with other classmates.

Then, we started being open and Preetika was added to our group. Now we were three people in Group. My friendship with Preetika turned so deep that I used to consider her my sister. We have shared our teenage experiences and used to share each and everything. At that point, Preetika and I came closer and ultimately, we were besties!

Everything was good and life was awesome till 10th class. Springfield used to be heaven for us. We had enjoyed so much in school that we never bunked any day. Savita mam, Bhavana mam, Ambika mam were the best of all. Learning was easy and annuals functions to trips, everything added cherry to the cake.

In 8th class, a new character added to our group. It was Tanisha. Until 6th class, she was in Springfield but for two years she tried DAV and then came back again. We became good friends in 8th and till 10th, we are 4 people in the group. I was so attached to these people that imagining life without them was impossible. Our decisions were influenced by each other always. It was in 11th standard that things started changing. Sonali and Preetika took medical and as they had common friends in Mahavir, they had things to gossip about. Tanisha and I took non-medical but I was studious at that time, so I remained busy. I didn’t realize when things changed.

In between, Tanisha was hurt by us. We disappointed her by not standing with her when she really needed us. We were confused and moreover maybe our ego didn’t allow us. For two months, we used to sit on the same bench but didn’t talk. It was my birthday when we offered her chocolate but she refused.

Then, our ego broke down in front of our friendship and we talked again. We were sorry for our act but I am thankful to her that she accepted us again. I love you motu for this! If she hadn’t pardoned us at that time then I must have lost a very precious friend. Till today, we are together and share many ups and downs with each other.

Sometimes, she used to jealous with Shipra too as in 12th standard Tanisha and I were shifted to another section and Shipra became my very good friend in lesser time. It was in 12th when I realized that Sonali and Preetika had gone away. They were busy in their own life and so I let them to be.

But again this time when Preetika needed us, we were not there. This time things were different and Tanisha and I had no idea about anything. Sincerely, I have cried those days and afterwards it became difficult to me to answer or join my name to call anyone my best friend when we all departed. I was in contact with Tanisha but she had made other friends with whom she was busy.

Preetika left all the contacts when I tried hard to call on her number and didn’t get any reply. Sonali called me once and I still remember the conversation.When I started college, I used to stay alone. Maybe all those events changed me and had changed them too. I didn’t realize but remaining alone became my nature but yes I learnt to be independent only after this.

It’s now five years since I have passed 10th. But this 2016 has brought gifts to me. I am getting gifts and gift this year and so I got my friends again! Preetika came back from China. Apoorva, Naina, Surbhi, Tanisha, Preetika and I met again and this time we had a lot to talk about. We spent entire day together. Things were painful but when we met, rejoice of meeting and good memories overwhelmed. Getting back Fantastico Favorite People is one of the gifts that 2016 had for me!

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