From where do you get your inspiration?

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with heart". One thing whic...

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with heart".

One thing which makes you feel empty and happy by a single independent action is writing. Sometimes we need inspiration to write about and sometime inspiration finds us. Isn’t it?

I used to sit with my laptop inside my room with a cup of coffee. While writing anything, I have to think and feel myself in the true picture inside my mind. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find correct words or lines in such a state. While writing, you have to imagine yourself and feel the situation but sometimes, it becomes difficult.

But what if you sit and your hand on your laptop just don’t want to stop?

Himachal Pradesh is the place from where I belong. I think it’s heaven on earth.

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Day before yesterday, I went to my college, it stands gracefully at the hilltop of my area. I went there for some work and while coming back, I was thinking of writing a lot of blog posts.  I was thinking how would I generate so many ideas to write so much?

I stopped my scooty and stood there. As I watched around, I saw so many things. It was difficult there to even think that you have less to write about.

Nature has everything in abundance and one of those things is inspiration!

Birds chirping around, cool breeze touching my cheeks, far away mountain peaks full of snow, my own hometown, a beautiful lake curving the beauty of my town more, a lot of things either small or big creates a big difference and that’s what I felt at that point of time. I got peppy inspirations that are not only lively but makes you feel lively and contended too.

I sat there for some time and listened music. All my negative thoughts vanished and a smile came to my face. I think it’s the place where I can find inspiration every day.

As you look around, you may see same things but if you see deeply, you’ll discover something new every time. When you observe nature, you’ll get to know more of it.

More you know about it, more you’ll want to know!

When I was young, I used to watch and even tried to sketch the very same mountain from my home on which I was sitting. Ten years ago, there was only that cute mountain. It was one of my favorite mountains and now on it, I have my college from where I am studying.

A lot of thoughts approached to my mind that day but at the end, with every single thought either good or bad, I was able to join something good. That’s what happens when you inspect nature.

It truly hides so much treasure. You have so much to discover that your entire life will be less to know everything out of it!

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  1. Himachal Pradesh is truly heaven on earth.. you are so lucky to have this beautiful place as your hometown.. nice post..


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