“Notebook for the galaxy”

To start your journey to land among the stars, all you need is to #AwakenYourForce Being a science fiction lover, I always wanted to e...

To start your journey to land among the stars, all you need is to #AwakenYourForce

Being a science fiction lover, I always wanted to experience a very technical advanced world. The gadgets I watch in movies, I always wanted to have such stuff with me. It seems like a new era is starting with the launch of HP Pavilion 15-an003TX Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook which is going to provide a new experience to Star Wars freaks or if you love science fiction, this is really a thing for you to check out.

This special edition notebook is unique in its grace and for an engineering student like me, this is going to be fun as I am always surrounded with people talking about the emerging gadgets and machines, it seems by owning this kind of notebook I am going to rule a galaxy!

This notebook has got its feature from the Star Wars series especially from the current one. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". Check out its first official video here!

As a Star Wars freak

I used to be on the side of Jedi but after Aniken is turned into a Sith as Darth Vadar, I am excited to see the things Dark side is going to do and here it comes Star Wars special edition notebook based on the dark side! Wooahhh…

If I talk about its features then I must say for a Star Wars fan, they are breathtaking. Have a look on them!

Hardware features:
  • Full HD antiglare display with extra wide viewing angle and 15.6 inches 1920*1080 IPS panel.

  • Red backlit keyboard which gives your notebook more power in the dark. I am sure I am definitely going to love it!

  • It has graphics of Kylo Ren who is probably with dark side in “The Force Awakens” and of Darth Vader all over its body.

  • Additional Accessories like wireless mouse is surely going to increase your powers as if destruction of enemy is the work of the back of your hand!

  • Audio by B&O play which is going to provide an ultimate experience to watch movies especially it will be fun to watch Star Wars battle on such a notebook with which I am surely going to travel inside the movie and going to fight with all my galactic powers.

Software features:
  • Over 1100 images showing 40 years of Star Wars history with “concept art” is created by Lucasfilm artists before the films are made, storyboards which were used to guide filming and behind –the-scene photos, set designs, costumes and many more which I think every star wars lover want to keep.

  • Sound schemes and wallpapers which replace standard notifications with iconic Star Wars sounds including R2-D2 and lightsabers. Wallpapers and themes which are based on Star Wars series give a perfect touch which undeniably takes you in the world of science fiction.

  • Aurebesh Fonts are designed to make you feel as if you are a citizen of Coruscant. Aurebesh comes loaded in the font library of the star wars special edition notebook which is like a cherry on the cake!
  • It possesses more bonus features like the first marvel Star Wars comic series, star wars movie trailers and much more.

Actually here’s not the end of the list. This notebook doesn’t only fulfill the demands of Star Wars fans but as a gadget lover, you are going to be crazy for its features with such a reasonable price of Rs. 69,990.

As a gadget lover
  • It has Intel’s 6th Generation Core i5-6200U Processor with windows 10 home. I don’t think this needs more introduction as the name is enough!
  • 8GB ram which lets you to experience a very fast processing, quality gaming, HD videos and multi-tasking. Who the hell doesn’t like it???
  • 1TB storage!
  • NVIDIA GeForce Graphics i.e Intel HD 520 graphics to make your gaming and movies experience more thrilling. Let me guess you are smiling here! I am not a magician but surely this brings smile to every gadget freak!
  • Re-writable DVD drive and ports for connections and HDMI cable port. 

I think it’s going to be kickass. Surely, this is going to be fun ;) Let the force be with you my friend! Happy Reading!

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