Yes, we will be the murderers.

Image Source: Fuel, our car needs a fuel and arising prices makes us feel the pain of scarcity of fuel. Our money is preci...

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Fuel, our car needs a fuel and arising prices makes us feel the pain of scarcity of fuel. Our money is precious to buy a fuel which makes our car alive but what about the fuel that is needed by entire mankind?

It’s of course tax-free and so it’s needs your less concern, right? What would it be costing you to cut a single tree? It’s just a tree, just one tree which has spent its entire life to make sure that you survive! It’s your privilege to cut that one tree which is responsible for your life. Isn’t it?

Have you ever thought while cutting any tree that it’s the first thing which you need to survive on this earth? One foremost and essential thing! You don’t need money to buy air. It’s free that’s why nobody gives a thought to the pain of a tree while cutting it.

One day when there will not be enough trees to entertain the population of whole world; when the laboratory would be producing so called Oxygen gas to fulfill its scarcity; when soil will be degraded to nurture a beautiful tree to give us a sole essential thing of our lives ‘Oxygen’, these Trees will be dyeing!

Actually, they will be murdered by poisoning. Like we suffer food poisoning, they’ll be suffering from the poisoning of soil; poisoning of air filled with chemicals; poisoning of earth blanket ‘Ozone’ and we’ll be responsible for giving it poison. We will be the reason of killing our species. We’ll be the ‘dead buried’ criminals of spoiling their MOTHER EARTH.

That might be the day when our descendants will believe that these brothers of us who are standing still to see us grow and play are living!

Humans would then feel the love given by trees to them. They’ll be feeling their sins. Our future generation would be asking for answers and we would not be able to entertain any query nor will we see it die but we’ll surely be the reason of its death!

I think Our Earth and we human species will not vanish due to any big asteroid or with sun’s explosion or anything else but everything will be dying because of us.

An old proverb says that it takes drop by drop to fill a bucket. We are filling that bucket of our planet with poison and one day when bucket of this poison would be filled, it will be the day that we humans will end their own existence from this Earth and our relation with this Earth will be terminated!

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