Five fantastic inventions which went missing

Image Source:  geniusstuff There are many inventions which were formulated but with time, they went lost in history. Here, I am discus...

Image Source: geniusstuff
There are many inventions which were formulated but with time, they went lost in history. Here, I am discussing about five fantastico inventions that went missing!

1) Flexible Glass: This invention could have changed the fate of today’s world. This invention dates back to Roman Empire when the king was Tiberius Caesar. A craftsman brought a drinking bowl to Caesar which was made of flexible glass and claimed it to be flexible. When emperor threw it onto the floor; in spite of shattering, it got dented. Those dents were repaired by the craftsman with the help of hammer. Craftsman swore that he alone knew the technique of making it. Emperor had the craftsman beheaded thinking that this material could devalue gold and silver and thus this precious invention got lost in the pages of history!

2) Earthquake Machine: This machine was invented by Nikiola Tesla. He claimed to invent this machine but in actual no earth shattering effects was measured by it. He used the principle of resonant frequency to construct this machine. Mechanical oscillations of his instrument caused the nearby building to resonate and when danger became more, he was forced to terminate the experiment. Thus his invention became missing after this!

3) Chronovision: It was claimed to be the machine which could be used to see and hear past events. It was invented by Father Marcello Pellegrino Ernetti in 1950s. He claimed that luminous energy and sound which are produced by objects gets recorded in environment and chronovision could reconstruct it. When he died in 1994, on his deathbed he said that the only chronovision machine had been destroyed in Vatican during his meeting with the people associated with the machine.

4) Water fuel cell: Its inventor was Stanley Meyer. He had produced nine patents which were related to his ‘water powered car’. Afterwards, he was charged by two investors in which he was found guilty. He died of cerebral aneurysm and till his death he was ordered to repay his investors. Although, his supporters claims that he was assassinated by Arab Death Squad, big oil or US government in order to overwhelm his inventions.

5) Perpetual motion device: This device is claimed to be invented by Victor Schauberger. It had become a conspiracy on internet that his work was suppressed by US government. Although, he never claimed to invent perpetual device as it deteriorates fundamental laws of physics instead he has claimed to use earth’s natural power. After the Second World War, US intelligence agents kept him in custody of nine months. His documents and photographs during the war were removed and he was questioned to give his details of war time.

These are fantastico five inventions that could have changed today’s scientific base due to their extraordinary nature. There are a lot more inventions which are lost somewhere in history!

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