Music as a soul food

Image Source:  commentsyard Our physical body needs food to construct energy for survival. Same is the case of soul and music. Music c...

Image Source: commentsyard
Our physical body needs food to construct energy for survival. Same is the case of soul and music. Music creates a shield of energy to soul. It acts as a food for soul!

Music dives inside where external and physical things fail. It heals you from within. A lot of treatments are done with music. Reason being that music is a source which nurtures a body from inside.

Surely, we need external source i.e ears to accept these waves in our body but the reaction which your bodies cause is entirely dependent on a person’s feelings.

Human body is much more than it seems externally. Although, what we see from our naked eyes seems existent to us but things we can’t see seems impossible to us. Its human nature but we can’t deny the role of feelings in our life. They are not physical quantities but affect us in a diverse way.

It means we possess something more inside us which is much more than physical. Either you treat it as you conscience or anything else but it’s sure that our brain needs much more things than food to work efficiently.

Music is one of those requirements. Have you heard someone ever saying that they hate music? I haven’t.

Everyone have their different taste of music but hating it is out of question. Depending upon your mood, you choose different kind of music to listen. Music affects you from inside. Sometimes, when you’ve felt so much exhausted after a day’s struggle, a sweet melody helps you to retain your energy and changes your mood. Isn’t it?

Music acts as a food to soul. It fuels us with energy. Physical food gives us energy to do work but soul food gives us energy to do our work efficiently with focus. If a person is happy, it’s proven he works much better as compared to a person in stress. Nurturing our soul is an important part in order to stay happy.

Everything needs energy for working. Either it’s a car, fan, plant or even you. The only difference is ‘type’ of energy required. Car requires petrol, fan requires electricity, and plants require water and sunlight whereas you require food. How can you expect your soul working without energy?

Its food is different and so as its working. Music opens up mind and soul allowing it to grasp and observe things. Some people indulge themselves so deep in it that they don’t even feel any need to see outside world.

Music takes you inside yourself. It makes you to travel in your inner conscience. It activates your sub-conscious mind thus making your decision capacity more pronounce.

It’s food of our inner conscience; our inner soul, we need to provide food to our soul in order to keep it healthy and happy always!

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