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Image Source: Linkedin If we compare today’s world with the former lived by our grand or great grandparents, it really appears like a...

Image Source: Linkedin
If we compare today’s world with the former lived by our grand or great grandparents, it really appears like a black and white movie. Without technology, life seems colorless. In today’s world we can’t even think to live without electricity. It 's awful to even think they had lived without electricity or internet.

Our lives have become much easier because of the advancements in technologies or I can say we have become lazy. I remember words of Bill Gates; he says that he chooses someone lazy to do a hard job because he’ll find out an easy way of doing it.

I don’t know this reliability on technology is good or not but it has left an intense impact on my life and so in lives of many other people. From getting up to sleeping or even during sleeping, technology has left its impact in our lives.

Without electricity, we can’t survive a single day. We become restless during a little power cut. Isn’t it becoming a necessity commodity to us? When we open our eyes, it’s impossible not to check what’s app; Facebook; Gmail accounts.

Imagine a situation, travelling alone to your working area without any vehicle and your legs urging you not to walk much and your mind preaching to reach soon. This seems unimaginable to us. Present trend of getting up late and running to college or place you work has become a custom of many people.

Night is meant to prepare all your assignments and without internet, it’s impossible. People who have studied without internet were really the studious ones. Internet has become an intangible part of our lives. When the issue of net neutrality came into limelight, the thought of even imagining internet changing its outlook might have haunted many people.

It has severely affected our lives. It’s like oxygen to our social lives. People usually connect on Facebook, Twitter, Whats app and social gathering have become less. Now what’s group act as a source of evening chit-chat among people. From an alarm clock to our cozy beds, all things are indebted to technology.

Nobody likes to keep cash when all you could keep is mobile apps and cards. Online shopping has boomed the interest of costumers more because of their huge discounts. It has made live easy, very easy.

No doubt, there are numerous impacts of technology but there are side effects too. It is surely affecting our health; we have become dependent on technology. If we doesn’t get thing our way, it makes us irritated. Our dependence of technology and our urge to earn them has been increasing day by day.

Nuclear weapons have stamped their effects on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. 

Surely, our comfort level is increasing but the threats are also increasing directly proportional to it.

It depend on us which way are we choosing. We can use technology in a positive and productive way or we can play hard with it to make it consume us!

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