Hey you, you wanna leave your impression?

Image  Source: josephiregbu.com Everybody wants to leave their impact in the world. When you meet someone for the first time, the way ...

Image  Source: josephiregbu.com
Everybody wants to leave their impact in the world. When you meet someone for the first time, the way you present yourself leaves a deep impact of your personality. In order to be impactful, you should focus on your actions while meeting someone. There are four key traits which should be followed so that you can leave your everlasting impact on someone!

We leave in a very competitive world. Either it’s your personal life or professional life, all areas demands something special in you. While meeting someone for first time, you have a chance to leave for fragrant impact on people.

The first 4 seconds are crucial in order to leave an impact on next person. These 4 seconds can act as a game changer for you. Be precise and confident during your first 4 seconds of meeting someone. 

1st second: it’s time for making an eye contact. Most of the people hesitate of making an eye contact but believe me it’s a must thing to do while meeting someone. It demonstrates your sign of confidence.

2nd second: it’s time to give a pleasant smile. Smile adds charm to your personality. This second is must and giving a smile gives a sense of positivity inside you.

3rd second: After making the eye contact & smiling, other important thing is greeting. You should always greet in a clear voice and in a gentle manner.

“A very good morning’’ or "A very good Afternoon" is the best way to do this.

4th second: it’s time to give a hand shake politely. Handshake should not be too hard or too soft. It should be firm which makes your personality impactful.

These things depict your action but to leave an everlasting impact or to add more grace to your personality, you can prefer following things which will surely help you to increase your worth!

  • Use a deodorant, I mean a good one. It’s an important part which gets noticed easily. Try not to be smelly.
  • It would be better if you prefer to wear shoes, belt and watch. In fact, watch is an essential part to show your time bound nature.
  • Try to have a good hairstyle. It reflects your personality. Specially, if you are meeting someone professional, better you choose to pick decent hairstyle than choosing messy one.
  • Try not to have a bad breathe. Use a mouth freshener to avoid this kind of problem if you have one.
  • Talk politely with confidence. Try to speak less and listen more. 
No doubt, these things are smaller but they are essential and crucial part. People generally don’t give preference to these but these things are necessary to leave an impact on someone. Be confident and amaze people with your lovely grace. These things will surely help you to be impactful!

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