Image: UKmentor With the introduction of smart phones; Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram has made a space in daily life of people. Sur...

Image: UKmentor

With the introduction of smart phones; Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram has made a space in daily life of people. Surely, these things has given an everlasting impact on our lives. Before the launch of Whatsapp or Instagram, people have used Facebook to connect with their friends, family and acquaintances. I remember when 2G also seemed appropriate to connect to Facebook. Today, if I’ve to run Facebook with 2G, I will surely choose not to use it. Without 3G or 4G, Facebook becomes boring. Nobody has time to wait to see those posts.

On the other hand, Whatsapp seems more compatible and still can be used in 2G network. With 3G or 4G, you won’t leave you cell until the battery gets over. It’s easier and faster way to connect with people. Now, most of the people whom I know don’t change their DP’s or status on Facebook so frequently but their frequency of posting their every good picture to Whatsapp has become a tradition.

Now, everyone has their unique Whatsapp status for every day. Some people tell us that they are angry, some people thinks that they are way too much famous, so everyone is watching their status. Thus, a sin is happening. On the other hand, there are people crying because nobody loves them and people will surely love them if they put it as their 'status'. Some of them always sleep and some falls in love every week. It has become easy for people to always cry (actually with crocodile’s tears) over split milk.

Every time, phone rings beep beep and these co called priests of smartphones holds it in their hand loving it more than a pizza!

Seriously, now-a-days, getting Wifi means much more than anything in the world!

On Facebook, there are aunties, uncles and lovely relatives with whom people share pictures of events, Whatsapp makes them feel freer as they can simply change their privacy or could block them so that the loving picture sharing people of life could not know that they are not being loved or they are having any breakup to restrict the value of gossips in 'international relatives market'.

Facebook has become a tool to become more social and Whatsapp has attained a status of more personal.

There is a one more set of people on whats app, at least I’ve them. Some people are meant to care about us in a way very much, so their work is to broadcast each and every message whether it is a morning tea or night’s moon saying good night. They are made to wish everyone at time and if you don’t reply to their every message, you are ignoring them.

There are spy ones too who can message you anytime and could ask you what are you doing on Whatsapp or Facebook at mid-night like they were discussing the most important assignment themselves and it’s only you who needs to sleep and they are the superheroes working for mankind!

Though, Whatsapp is better to have conversation but Facebook has its own perks. It doesn’t let you get bore at any instant.

Either it's a primary school kid or an old soul. Social media has surely left a profound impact on everyone!

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