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Image Soruce:  dreamstime Generally, everyone have their one singer friend in their group but having the same musical person as you...

Image Soruce: dreamstime

Generally, everyone have their one singer friend in their group but having the same musical person as your best friend is truly a different thing!

Tanisha and I are best friends since childhood. Today when I see back, I really appreciate us to be “Best friends”. She had always kept her faith on me. She has always motivated me to keep my morale up. I was a girl who didn’t have faith on her capabilities. She made me to accept my worth. She had always recalled me that I have capability to do and achieve whatever I want and consistently told me that I deserve better things. It’s only because of her that I became able to gather my confidence not only to become a good performer but also to come up as a volunteer.

I know that she knows me better than I know myself.  As it’s always said, best friends know each other better; even better than themselves. It was difficult to discover myself but it was easy to discover her. As she identified and motivated me to choose a way, I motivated her to sing!

We were in 8th standard when I announced Tanisha is going to become a singer. Her voice was so melodious that every time we’d got free time, it became a ritual to make her sing a song.

In every truth or dare, if she had chosen a dare, she had to sing. Although, she had to collect courage in front of everyone so her singing gradually got confined to me. I remember I had always asked her to sing “Yaaden” song as a dedication to our friendship.

Although we’d taken our music classes together but she was far much better singer than me. I am constrained to be a bathroom singer only. I have a firm belief that everyone is born with a talent and she had this gift of singing. Once her mom called me and asked me to influence her for studying and I was saying, “Aunty, she will become a singer”. After saying, I remembered that I was talking to her mom and I have to say things like Aunty she studies well. Aunty as like every mother wanted her to study hard but she had love for music always.

I am happy that finally she has chosen the course she wanted to pursue. Since, I still observe her hesitation to sing in front of everyone especially people from our school.

I hope I will see her hesitation going away and she will sing as boldly as her personality is!

She is truly a besto to me and with her musical charm she had taught me a number of things. I wish to listen one of her albums soon!

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