Aliens on moon?

Moon (Image: ) We remain suspicious of the fact though aliens exist or not? It has remained the topic of hot debate always....

Moon (Image:
We remain suspicious of the fact though aliens exist or not? It has remained the topic of hot debate always. Now, the answer is being revealed. Answer to this question lies in navigation of the moon!

If facts are analyzed, it increases the probability of aliens being living on moon.


1) NASA not returning back to moon: It has always remained a question of curiosity for people that why has NASA never returned to moon? NASA has never answered clearly that why after Apollo mission, no other mission has took place. If there’s no such thing than why are they studying moon from far away only. Why the footage of only Apollo 18 went missing? It’s also said that they were warned not to return to moon. 

2) Astronomer’s stand: Astronomers says that they have seen UFO’s on the surface of moon. In years from 1540 to 1967, around six hundred strange events have occurred all around the globe in which UFO’s were seen.

3) Strange black cloud: Although NASA remains curious of discovering things but when in 1967 Canadian researchers saw a black cloud over the surface of moon at the same place from where Apollo 18 went missing, why didn’t it increased their curiosity of going back there?

4) Mysterious shadows: Mysterious shadows are seen over the surface of the moon by the observers. 

5) Rocks of moon: The rocks that are brought from moon are different and unique. The rocks are having small cylindrical caves inside them. Formation of those caves with such a precision could surely require very high technology.

6) Missing rocks: Those extraordinary rocks started to get missing. They were kept in high security, still they got stolen. Along with the rocks of moon, some precious rocks from other planets also started to get missing. They were stored in high security area; still there were no sign of any thief. It’s like those rocks are getting lost in the air!

7) Mythologies: If we see the stories of different mythologies from all around the globe, we can find out different legends saying a same thing. The main thing to focus upon is that every story tells something which is common and this common thing is visit of “Gods” from other celestial bodies. It may be possible that those gods were aliens who are watching us every time. It seems creepy but it might be possible.

8) Nuclear activity measurement: On some sites of Mohenjo-Daro, when the measurements of radio activity were taken, it’s assumed as if the whole town was destroyed due to nuclear explosion. It was a 50 yards diameter which is affected by radioactivity and the body remains are still there. Those bodies were neither burnt nor buried. They were not even touched by animals. Humans hadn’t developed nuclear bomb at that time. So from where such thing came? 

There are a number of facts which point towards the probability of Aliens being living on the moon and its correct answer could only be known after the navigation of moon again!

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