knock knock! where's my chocolates?

Image Source:  korrade Childhood is a first phrase of our life. Innocents are lost in their own wave of happiness; it is a custom to c...

Image Source: korrade
Childhood is a first phrase of our life. Innocents are lost in their own wave of happiness; it is a custom to care about nothing and doing anything they want without hesitation; no question seems awkward and no one takes our words serious. Every bit of time, we want to grow up more and when grows up wants to return childhood again. This part of life could never be missed by a single person. It’s that fantastico time in which the first brick of your future is laid!

When I was a child, everything was like a fairy tale
There was a little boat I used to sail
That Tom and Jerry show, I used to watch
And there was a shooting star I wished to catch….

Those flights of mine, in the world of chocolates
Eating those creamy cakes with my mates
Our talks about the world of fairies
Along with dynamic inspirations that varies…

Sometimes, I’d become a painter, sometimes an architect
It was my entire imaginative world which reflect
Literally, it was so cool to be there
And to play games whatever I dare…

It was an imaginative world when I used to be a super girl
Saving all the people and searching for a pearl
All those memories when I used to be beaten up my mum
And all my mischievous stuff was so much fun…

I remember the chocolates and sweets brought by grandpa
And equal division done by grandma
I remember the bigger packet of Kurkure which was difficult to complete
And siblings fight for getting the TV seat…

All those moments when cartoon character were life
And hugging each other with teary eyes
I didn’t felt the change with time
When we all grew up wise

We always remember the moments with laugh
Best moments of life, shared we’ve
I must say childhood is a fantastic part of life
Which every child should live with right!

I remember my childhood as the most favorite part of life which has contributed the most in making me what I am today. I remember this fantastic time and always it leaves a curve on my face and tears to my eyes.

Every being who takes birth on this mighty earth starts their journey as a child. A little child surrounded by a million questions. Curiosity to know is the inner trait; nobody makes fun of you even for a very silly question. It is time when children and their imagination are like a free bird. Almost anything can become possible for them. Every child should have access to childhood. It is the first laying stone of a life. It should blossom with happiness, motivation and good values. A child should be nurtured with the light of knowledge!

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