Anti-Valentine week

Image: LondonLiving People who don’t like valentine week or the ones who are spending valentine week alone for them here’s a fantastic...

Image: LondonLiving
People who don’t like valentine week or the ones who are spending valentine week alone for them here’s a fantastic list of days in which you can enjoy much more than in Valentine week.

After a week with loads of love, there comes an enemy of it known as Anti-Valentine week. It starts from 15th February and ends on 21st February. Here is a list on Anti-valentine week:
  • Slap day (15 feb): Slap day comes with good opportunity to slap those people whom we always want to hit hard. This day is a day of pleasure especially for people who hates Valentine week. This day is best to slap the people for their deeds who had done any bad to you.
  • Kick day (16th feb): Kick day is followed by slap day. It’s meant for people who had been offended in their relationships. With this day, we can also kick out worries from our lives to start a new life without past shadows. Kick them off your life!
  • Perfume day (17 feb): This day is meant to add fragrances to your life. You can buy a classy perfume and could keep it for yourself. Take care of yourself and let the world to follow you rather than following the world!
  • Flirting day (18 feb): It’s the best day for people who doesn’t want to be a part of relationships, who only want fun in their life. One can get a chance to flirt with their crushes today. 
  • Confession Day (19 feb): It’s not that easy for all to confess their feelings of hate or love to someone. This day brings a chance to confess your true feelings in front of them.
  • Missing day (20 feb): After confession day, next comes missing day. People usually miss those memories and people whom they never want to forget. This day opens up your boundaries and allows you not to regret about your past experiences. Some good times which you can’t forget can be revived on this day.
  • Breakup day (21 feb): It is the last day of anti-valentine week. This day is meant for all those who are dealing with some unwanted people in their life who are not more than bullshit. It’s better to get rid of such unwanted people to live your life happily. This day is giving a huge chance of positivity to have courage of removing the people who are making you to feel low and weak or becoming the reason of your tears. With this day, remove your worries and stay happy!
So, Anti-Valentine week ends with a lot of fun. This week can be helpful to remove all the chaos running in your life. With a blend of sweet, sour and bitter experiences. Surely increase the worth of your life this year!

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