Impact of water scarcity

Image Source:  worldwatch Water scarcity has always remained a concerned problem. In most parts of the world, people don’t even get ...

Image Source: worldwatch

Water scarcity has always remained a concerned problem. In most parts of the world, people don’t even get clean water to drink. More than 1.2 billion people don’t have access to clean water. They have to take contaminated water for survival. Many animals die every year due to this water scarcity.

Water is an essential part of our life. 70% of our body is made of water. Although, earth is also made up of 70% water and 30% land but the available fresh drinking water resources are less than 2%.

When water crises hit, it takes away many lives and create unending problems to a society. Here are the major areas which are affected by water scarcity:

  • Health: In many countries, due to water scarcity, people are forced to drink contaminated water. This water affects their health. When contaminated water enter their body, it creates a lot of diseases. Moreover water scarcity leads to poor sanitation facilities which create risk to the lives of people. People have to use stagnant water in which water born disease like malaria starts its life. Hence, it becomes a dangerous game for the people.
  • Hunger: Water is one resource which is a necessity of every living being. Either it is a plant, animal or human being. When scarcity of water arises, it becomes difficult to provide plants with necessary water. 70% of world’s water is used for agriculture and its crises leads to decrease in crop production. In most areas, agriculture is dependent on rains which are probable. This adds more weightage to world hunger crises.
  • Education: Education doesn’t seem directly linked to water scarcity but in actual, it is related to it. In many parts of the world where people are hit by water scarcity, children especially girls are abandoned to go to school to serve family by bringing water from farthermost areas. If they go to school, then they have to work at their homes too which makes them tired and decreases their efficiency of studying.
  • Poverty: As water is not accessible to many people. It decreases their standard of living. It becomes difficult for people to arrive at their work place on time. If people have to worry about the very basic necessity of their life ‘water’ do they would be able to contribute their 100% at work?
Water scarcity is a problem which has a huge impact on key areas of life as it is linked to basic needs of every life form. Without it, we can’t even think of survival. Water is a precious resource and it’s our duty not to waste it. Today, we have access to it. It’s not certain that we’ll have the same access tomorrow. Situation can change with time. We need to respect it and should make wise use out of it!

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