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Image: Trunbacktogod Surely, innocence leaves an undeniable impact on everyone. I am sharing one such story of Innocence which left a ...

Image: Trunbacktogod
Surely, innocence leaves an undeniable impact on everyone. I am sharing one such story of Innocence which left a deep impact on me.

Garima and I were exhausted from our day at industry. It was around six in the evening, we decided to take coffee at the baker’s shop. Baker’s shop was not that near as it was in the middle of the market. It took us ten minutes to reach there.

That day, we’d enough to talk about and we were having our undisrupted conversation. Two of us reached at the shop and ordered coffee. We took our seats on the last table which was on the left side of the glass door.

As we settled there, we became busy in our talk until we saw little kids coming in the shop. Garima as usually fond of cute kids was observing the little girl ordering his brothers or friends. They were in a group like a little gang. She told me that she was very naughty in her childhood and after watching that little cute naughty girl, she associated her with that girl.

We were laughing by watching the naughty behavior and then they ran away after taking their candies. This cute gang left and then two more kids entered the shop. This time one kid was of nearly six years old and second might be ten to twelve years old as he seemed.

When these two boys came, they were looking dissimilar due to their faces and type of clothing. I said to Garima that they neither seem to be brothers by resemblance nor friends due to age gap but I took the side that they might be cousins or something else, whatever. Again, we observed these two little kids.

The smaller one was having a design carved by the barber on his head. It appeared like he belonged to a very loving and fashionable family. On the other hand, the bigger one in those two boys was very simple in his clothes and hairstyle.

The little boy ordered the bigger guy to bring something for him. We laughed at first but when we saw that little kid treating him badly. We got confused. That boy was not saying any word. It was unusual. He ordered him to bring patty and then to settle down at the bench which was opposite to the tables and near the counter. That little boy was behaving as if he was asking his dog to sit down or move.

He gave patty to the little one and then settled down at the exact place where that 6 years old child asked him to. Then, we realized that like many other children working there, he was a worker to him. We had seen many children working there and when we asked them about their age, they’d always told us fourteen.

At that moment, we got the point that childhood is being killed at a place like Nalagarh where a lot of companies are working.

We didn’t have any better idea at that time. We couldn’t be a part of a bigger change at that time but surely we could become a part of little one by making a smile on somebody’s face. We bought same patty to that child but when we offered him, he became shocked and hesitatingly declined that. When Garima told him that we’d bought patty only for him, he looked at the face of shopkeeper.

It was shopkeeper’s head moment to say ‘yes’ when that child accepted to take patty. This incident left an impact on us and made us disturbed. Before leaving that place, we bought chocolates and gave same chocolates to all the children either those were landlord’s children or children who had given us our tiffin to ensure that they were equal to us.

I wish one day all the children of the world would enjoy their childhood. They deserve to study, play and act as a child. They deserve to nurture their innocence rather than killing it!

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