What's life?

Image: Weknowyourdereams   It’s said that life has either start or end I say life has neither start nor end It’s our fleshy body...

Image: Weknowyourdereams

 It’s said that life has either start or end
I say life has neither start nor end
It’s our fleshy body which follows this path
Earth has abundance of life to support on…

The day we open up our eyes is the day life start
The day we shut down eyes forever is the day it end
It’s surely the definition of people about life
I disfavor such people of their definition

Life is something existing before our birth
Life is something which will remain after we die
We are a very tiny yet important part of supporting life

A lot of lives are taken away and a lot more are given
It’s the nature of Mother Earth to be fair
Humans are campy, campy for their lives
It’s they and their insignificantly significant life!

We are one, one life of Mother Earth
We need to work, work as a single birth
No one else defines us
It’s our lady land which joins us

Every flora and fauna, every single being is a part of life
It’s a bigger entity and we are a part of it
Together we are everything, single we are nothing
It’s our identity, it’s our reality

We are insignificant yet significant in our contribution
We need everyone for its execution
As we need Mother Earth, so as she needs us
Without us, she would lose her life
Without her, we can’t survive

When things are complementary
Care should be taken on the part of both
Mutual work is necessary to weave the cloth

Our part and contribution for life is declining
We are forgetting our duties, our truth
We are becoming mean
It’s our own mindset that we need to clean

Life is a bigger name
More bigger is its navigation
You can travel on the whole globe
Still will get mesmerized with every creation
We need to rethink on whole of the matter
Otherwise, the life of earth will shatter!

Littering is gift that humanity is giving to the face of Earth. Land, water and air are the gifts earth is giving to mankind to carry life on. Earth gives us beautiful little lives to cherish and we are giving red color of that life to its soil by dividing our mother in parts. Earth gives us happiness and joy of nature which truly enchants every soul, which truly gives peace but we are spoiling it too. Fresh air of survival is being degraded by us. The ice of mighty mountains is being melted. The true culprit of spoiling Earth’s life is our mindset of thinking about our own life. We forget that we are a part of entire generation. We are a part of earth’s life at a certain point of time and we need to give her back everything she deserves!

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