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Image Source:  mcgamer Like all other days, Rohan had come from his office. Asha was preparing tea for him as she always knew he wan...

Image Source: mcgamer

Like all other days, Rohan had come from his office. Asha was preparing tea for him as she always knew he wanted tea ready immediately he reaches home.

“So, Here’s your Ginger tea”, Asha whispered.

Rohan without saying a single work took his tea and switched on television.

“How was your day?” Asha asked.

Rohan said ‘Nice’ and became busy with his work. Asha went to the kitchen to prepare food.

It was not for the first time that Rohan was acting rude but it had become a tradition at their home. Asha had always tried to have any conversation with Rohan but he always seemed busy. Without kids, her home had starting haunting her. Her every try to make Rohan happy had always ended with arguments and tears.

Every day, she used to go to park and watching little kids playing with their parents was making her weak from inside. So she decided to stay at home. Her decision was not good as now she started feeling suffocated in her four walled apartment. Day by day, her situation was becoming more complicated and Rohan had no time to talk to her. She used to always recall the days when Rohan had told her how much she means to him and how he has planned his life with her. Now, things had changed for no good. Rohan had become busy with his unending work and Asha had left her job to move with him.

One day, Asha was crying in her room when Rohan came early from his office. He screamed at her for weeping and asked to wipe her crocodile tears. She was not able to collect courage to even answer his question. She stood up and went to kitchen. With tears, she prepared tea and went to Rohan.

“So, here’s your ginger tea”, Asha Whispered with her sour throat.

Rohan was unable to look into her eyes. She was as polite as she had always been. His hands refused to take tea from her. He had known what he was doing to her. 

“I am sorry”, he said.

I never gave you time which you always wanted. I’ve always remained busy and underestimated you. I forgot the fact that you have always stood by my side. Every single morning or evening, I’ve got everything at time. You never forget to wish me. You were right Asha, you didn’t change. Your love is still as fragrant as it was years back. I apologize for my ways. I promise not to act like this again. Please pardon me.

Asha looked up into his eyes. His eyes were moist. Asha had nothing to speak. She hugged him and started weeping like a kid!

Like every love story, they tried to live happily again with a lot of sweet and sour fights and arguments and story went on and on!

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