Do you want to add some haunted places in your navigation list?

Image Source:  shughal If you are a traveling freak with lots of guts, you need to add these places in your navigation list. These hau...

Image Source: shughal
If you are a traveling freak with lots of guts, you need to add these places in your navigation list. These haunted places will surely bring the hell out of you but if you are brave enough, these places will give you some remarkable stories to remember throughout your life if you got lucky to survive!

1) Dumas beach: This beach is located in Surat, Gujarat. It is used as a burial ground by the Hindus and till today, people claims to hear voices of people telling to each other when there seems nobody to be around you. According to locals, people who had gone there at night had disappeared in the dark. It is the reason people don’t visit this place at night.

2) Bhangarh fort: You must have heard its name. It’s a destination where a lot of people have already visited and never came back. You can visit here only at daytime as it is abandoned to visit her after sunset. According to a myth, this place was cursed by a ‘Tantrik’ and people of some villages around Bhangarh were ruined due to this curse. 

3) National Library, Kolkata: This placed appears haunting to even the guards who are cynical to do night shifts. People claims that every morning, letters and papers are found scattered on the table of the library. It’s said that ghosts of laborers who died during the construction of this library are spotted by many people. It’s also said that the footsteps of Governor’s wife is still heard at this place.

4) GP block, Meerut: This building is double storied building which is marked to be haunted. A lot of people have claimed to see four men having their drinks in their hand. This is considered to be house of evil spirits. Sometimes, a woman with red dress is also spotted to come outside this creepy place. People feel creepy while visiting this place.

5) Tunnel No. 33, Shimla: After all the scary ghosts and haunted places, read about a paranormal place where there is only one ghost who is friendly. There are numerous haunted places in Himachal Pradesh but we are going to tell you about a good one at the end. At this tunnel, people often claim to see a ghost which is believed to be a ghost of British Railway Engineer who died during the construction of this tunnel.

You can choose to navigate these places to add some more fun to your life. Even if you can’t visit here at night, you can visit these place at daytime. There are a lot more places which you could add to your navigation list but these places are destinations where the reports of paranormal activities are most!

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