Here's something I have to say on terrorism!

Image Source: writerswithoutmoney Terrorism is one of the most disturbing problems that require attention of the whole world. History...

Image Source: writerswithoutmoney
Terrorism is one of the most disturbing problems that require attention of the whole world. History itself speaks about the terrorism factor. Today it is taking its worst form!

World is suffering from internal and external terrorism. Last time when world witnessed Paris attacks, people were deeply affected by the pain of Paris. With it, chances of more terrorist attacks increased.

26/11 had given a never ending wound to India. Its pain might fade but its mark will always remain in history. People who got martyred while saving our country from terrorism will always be remembered.

In Paris, when a lot of people lost their lives whole world mourned. People felt the need to watch over this issue. Facebook was full of intelligent people who were showing their support by changing DP’s.

But do we people have any idea what people feel where there is terrorism internally. Hundreds of people die daily. When I read articles about the cruel acts felt by people there, I feel terrible.

This terrorism is eating up humanity. Innocent children are deprived of education. Little girls are forced to marry at a tender age. The act to sold and use them as a commodity has become a tradition to this cruel terrorist world.

People are forced to live like animals. When I read about the internal conflicts of Iraq and Syria taking a curve to turn into something very disastrous, it made me to feel that either humanity is being lost or people have become blind. They are cutting the same creatures like them into piece. They show no mercy to the people of the same land they are brought on.

The feeling of belongingness or brotherhood has lost for them. Their terror has abstained people to live a normal live; they are deprived of their home.

Every person who is involved in any activity of terrorizing people either of their country or another country, they are terrorists whose religion is terrorizing people.

A stubborn group of people who feels that they are fighting for right and their act of killing innocents is adding value to their lives are not more than any psychopaths. God has never preached to kill any life form in his name.

When people ran away leaving their home and a little kid died on sea shore, every heart melted and tears took their place in eyes but the soul of these terrorists didn't tremor. No religion is bigger than humanity. Before belonging to caste, creed, race, gender we are human being first and this thread is enough to connect us.

The prolonged suffering which is being felt by people; pain which is unimaginable to us is being felt daily by thousands of people has made them to lose their faith in humanity.

These terrorist quivers the faith of people in humanity daily and we people, who are spectators of these incidents mourns. That’s what we are supposed to do?

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