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Image: There had been undeniably great scientist who has given a new direction to science but there are only a few who has m...


There had been undeniably great scientist who has given a new direction to science but there are only a few who has made science interesting, really interesting!!!

Physics is a study of nature and natural phenomenon. Physics is not just a matter of study to a science student.  It is the study of daily life events. Anyone observing nature and the way it is working is actually studying Physics unknowingly. It is a very interesting subject indeed but the way it is being taught in our country, I am greatly disappointed with it.

Students should enjoy this fantastic subject but sadly, it doesn't happen in most of the schools.

Don't be disappointed science freaks, as there exist some fantastic people and above it we have access to the most fantastico invention of mankind 'INTERNET' which introduces us with some extraordinary teachers.

One such name of a teacher is Walter Lewin. He is a Dutch astrophysicist and a former professor at Massachusetts. He is the author of the book ‘For the Love of Physics’ and his contribution to astrophysics comprises the discovery of first slowly rotating neutron star through all-sky balloon surveys and research in X-ray detection. 

He himself had always remained an interesting teacher and the way he clears the concepts of Physics is incredible. For him, Physics is most interesting thing and his lectures are equally interesting as his words. 

Teacher who make Physics boring are criminals – Walter Lewin

We are sharing two of his demonstrations of experiments to elaborate the theoretical concepts practically to the students. You will find it interesting, I swear!

1. As you all are familiar with the experiment of pendulum and its oscillations. In schools, you might have performed the same experiment to count the oscillations completed by pendulum which seems so boring but the way he has performed the experiment would surely make you to know its importance and your interest in the subject will be amplified. You’re surely going to love his experiment. Here is the video explaining the phenomenon clearly.

2. His second experiment which we are sharing is related to the scattering of light. You might be familiar with the phenomenon of polarization. You might have studied about Malus law. Right? You might be aware of the properties of polarized and unpolarised light but the way he has explained the phenomenon will blow your mind. As smoke has smaller particles, when it is seen in polarized light, it seems blue but if the size of particle is increased, its color becomes white. It’s what we study theoretically. He increased the size of particles by storing it in his lungs and when they are poured in the polarized light. It seems white. Have a look!

It's just a trailer. If you want to study this, please watch whole videos. You can easily understand the theory behind these practicals too!

There are many more video lecture of him which you may enjoy. Isn’t it fantastic when all you have to do is to watch a video to understand the phenomenon of physics which otherwise seems boring?

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