Rohit and Naina

Image: Wikimedia “He is cute. I like the way he talk. But how could I know that he likes me”, Naina put on headphones and started list...

Image: Wikimedia
“He is cute. I like the way he talk. But how could I know that he likes me”, Naina put on headphones and started listening to her playlist. She was a school going girl. Her final exams of class 12th were near and she had a lot to study but she was not studying instead she was dreaming something else.

Rohit, her classmate and one of her good friends used to message her. It became her routine to talk to him. Rohit was the most handsome boy of the class and Naina was attracted to him since she had joined that school.

Rohit had no concern about the way Naina feels for him. Both of them were shy and Naina restricted herself to talk to him at school as she feared that she might not be able to hide her feelings.

One fine day, she was going home alone and Rohit met her in between. He started the conversation and teased Naina for remaining silent. Naina tried hard to put her words in her mouth to reply. Rohit was confused as Naina was not talking as much as she used to message him. Until then, they were in front of the door of Naina’s house.

Naina said bye and Rohit gave a smile. She went inside and ran towards her room. She was so excited about her meeting with Rohit that she took her pen and shared one more moment of her secret life with her diary.

Every night, she used to sleep having dreams of Rohit and every morning her Good morning text used to wake up Rohit. She was getting onto the seventh sky day by day. Her pre-boards came and she became restless for deciding what to read and what to leave. Being a mediocre student, she was a little bit choosy in studying. Moreover, Rohit came under the category of intelligent people in her class.

She told Rohit that she was getting nervous and probably she would fail to which he replied that she will not. He gave her some questions and topics to read upon and asked her to compete with him in evening. She had no confidence on her but it became difficult for her to say no to him when she was getting opportunity to talk to him more.

That day she studied, not fully but partially whole heartedly. After her interest was created in the subject, she opened the syllabus and saw, she had covered 60% syllabus in a lesser time. It was the time when she discovered that she was not a pathetic student but problem lies in the way she studies. At evening, they both solved online questions and discussed about them. Rohit won but Naina was also able to get a pretty good score.

Naina had discovered something new in her. She was getting the confidence to study and it was not appearing as burden. Next day, she studied hard and this time covered 100% of her syllabus. Her performance was increased this time and she was happy to tell this to Rohit.

On her way to home, she saw Rohit. He was holding hands with Chavvi. She was their one class junior and Naina broke down into tears. She went her home straightaway and locked herself from inside. She weeps there until she fell asleep.

With a hard knock on the door by her mom, she woke up at seven. She switched her phone off and the day her pre-boards ended, she went to her uncle’s house. She was unable to forget about Rohit. Sometimes his smile or sometimes their shy eye contact was reminding her every feeling. She again switched on her phone and got shocked to see more than hundred messages of Rohit.

Every message was starting with hi, hlo, hw are u? She replied I am fine. She got fast reply. They had conversation but the way Naina was behaving was somewhat different and Rohit sensed that. He asked her to tell him everything but Naina was hard as a stone. Rohit asked to meet her at evening to which Naina denied but agreed lately. They sat on lake side with burgers in their hand.

Her swollen eyes were telling a different story and Rohit was able to read that. He asked her again and again why he was behaving so rude. But stubborn Naina had nothing to say. It was when Rohit’s eyes filled with tears by her such behavior, he became silent. Naina saw his eyes and her inner voice was telling her an entire different story than her eyes had seen. She told everything to him. It was for the first time Naina had gathered courage to spoke her heart out.

With every word coming out from Naina’s mouth, she was weeping and with every word heard by Rohit was making him smile. He cleared her doubt that Chavvi is his cousin sister and her hands were cold so he held them and there was nothing in his life to hide about.

Naina was shocked but happy after hearing this. Later, they headed to home with smiles on their faces!


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