Sanam Puri- He's love!

Sanam Puri (Image:  Bhakta Basics ) Sanam Puri, A newly renounced name in the field of music! I am a big fan of his songs and him....

Sanam Puri (Image: Bhakta Basics)
Sanam Puri, A newly renounced name in the field of music!

I am a big fan of his songs and him. Their band Sanam initially known as SQS Superstars consists of four members Sanam, Samar, Qureshi, and Keshav. I heard his Band in 2015 when one of my friends sent me a video of his song and that song was ‘Garmi di tu’. It was an amazing song and Sanam was like cherry on the cake!

I generally prefer those videos which are at least showing some story but when I saw his video, it was him and his expressions defining the whole story by itself. I have never seen any band so passionate and attractive. They are unique in their identity. I have a separate playlist for his songs. His way of singing mesmerizes me every time when I hear him.

One more habit that I am having regarding his songs is that I may have heard every song of him more than hundred times. If I like any song, I hear that only one song for the whole week.

He debuted in Bollywood with the song ‘Dath tere ki’ in 2013. His talent has brought him such fan following in lesser time. Sanam had in-born talent of singing. The band Sanam has sung many beautiful songs. My all-time favorite ones are ‘Ye raaten’, ‘Tere bina zindagi’, ‘Aap ki nazro ne samjha’ and ‘Pal pal dil k paas’.

I think he can also become a great actor. His face shows every expression of pain, love, laughter and fun when ever needed. This thing adds more charm to his singing. He is just 23 years old and taking away many hearts. Like many other famous people, he has a trait of dropping out the college. He had his schooling from New Delhi and due to ragging, he dropped out college.

His brother Samar Puri encouraged him to move further towards music and then they came up with the SQS band. It was in 2014 that they changed the name of band to Sanam. I must confess that it’s difficult for any girl to turn away her attention from him. He is so charming and his expressions increase the worth of his videos. I see a perfect match of feelings on his face while singing.

I have observed that their band enjoys music to its fullest. Each and every melody is felt and that’s the best part about music! In some of his videos, these expressions are outstanding.

I think he is surely going to rise. He is a rising star and an upcoming music icon. He has won many hearts and many more will be won by him, I know!

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