Imagine, Imagine, Imagine!

Image Source:  gameonpanda Imagination is a process which enables you to see beyond horizon. Imagination plays a crucial role in our l...

Image Source: gameonpanda
Imagination is a process which enables you to see beyond horizon. Imagination plays a crucial role in our lives. We realize it or not but imagination is an inseparable part of life. According to researches, a human brain witness 60,000 thoughts in a day. Isn’t it enough evidence that either knowingly or unknowingly, we are imagining something which doesn’t even exist?

If you have seen a documentary ‘Secret of Life’, it is claimed that our thoughts turn into actions. Imagination is the first step which we choose for our lives. It has a diverse impact on the way our life is heading to.

When you think of something and keep your belief firmly on it, results are that the thing you are believing starts to convert into reality. Imagination gives you opportunity to choose your life.

Sometimes, people get disappointed for not getting what they want. It’s because they fear more than they believe. They don’t believe in their own self. Believing yourself is necessary.

Einstein has always said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.     

Personalities who have changed the whole world were not full of knowledge but they were keen observers who could imagine. They created knowledge. Today the things which we are studying are created by them.

It was their imagination in which they kept their belief and that granted fruits. Imagination has a huge impact on our lives.

In Indian rituals, it has been a tradition to take ‘Sankalp’ which is nothing but imagining what you want and believing to act on it. This makes mind to take a direction.

Imagination has power and it has impact on you more than anything!

Nobody extraordinary person has ever born who hasn’t imagined and kept belief on it. Either it was Shakespeare or Galileo they were firm on their words. They had imagined the world of future. They have observed things and made imagination.

The cutting-edge example is the ‘Gravitation Waves Theory’ of Einstein which he had been given hundred years back. Scientist took hundred years to accept that his imagination was true but he had already imagined gravitation waves and has given his space-time curve theory to provide proof to his imagination.

Others believed him or not but he had belief of himself. Think if we had accepted his theory hundred years back, the modernization of current world would be too high. We are exploring galaxies and thus thriving to know our universe. People who were keen observer of stars have already written in Vedic books about the things we are exploring today. They didn’t have technology with them but they surely had their brain which they have used far much better than us.

Imagination has always remained a key source of every invention and believing firmly on it provides you the path which you always thrive for. All you need is to believe on your imagination and yourself truly and see things turning out in your favor not immediately but eventually!

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