Intimate bond of music and travelling!

Image: When I plan for travelling to some place, one custom that remains constant is listening to songs. These two things ar...

When I plan for travelling to some place, one custom that remains constant is listening to songs. These two things are inseparable to me!

India is a very diverse country and from one of those diversities, I belong. There are a lot of mountains all around my place which makes the road curvier and sometimes can create headache or can make you sick. 

My mantra to enjoy travelling is being devoted to music. It’s a thing which maintains equilibrium in my state of mind so that I can enjoy the journey fully. Actually, it makes me to adore every moment happily. Cool breeze, mesmerizing sceneries and music with decibel, these three things makes my journey perfect!

Every time when I travel, music remains constant. Other two things are variable and could change accordingly as world is a bigger entity but if I talk about music, it’s now accessible everywhere.

I remember last time when I traveled to Nalagarh, that time music has saved my life! I am heartedly thankful to the one who has invented music. We had gone Nalagarh via Swarghat and I recommend everyone not to go by that route until it’s urgent. Dust came inside the bus even when all the windows were closed and road was in very poor condition.

When all people in bus were fighting with the dust and bumpy road, I was sleeping carelessly with earphones. Reason for my sleep was the medicines which I had taken before the journey when my father insisted me strongly, I couldn’t deny and the reason for my carelessness was music which allowed me to enter in another world by just shutting my eyes.

It had literally saved my life from that disastrous bus journey. It’s a best companion for a journey I believe. In every situation, either good or bad, music is always there for you. It’s the best part I guess!

I remember when I was travelling to Shimla for an exam; I had to go to New Shimla. That day, I have felt the presence of music at its best. I was alone at that time and when I walked unaccompanied on the streets of Shimla with my earphones on, I wanted to walk and walk. It was immense pleasure to feel fresh breeze, a very quiet and mesmerizing environment all around you with melodies twirling in your head. At first, I was feeling bad of being alone and there was some hesitation in me as I was travelling alone for the very first time, but that moments made me to want myself more. I didn’t need anyone; my music library and I were enough to keep me going.

Either it was best or worst moments of my travelogue, music has ever and will always remain its intimate part!

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