A turmoil in my heart

Image Source: Spotlight I often see children begging on roads, it really seem disturbing. Little hands which are supposed to write app...

Image Source: Spotlight
I often see children begging on roads, it really seem disturbing. Little hands which are supposed to write appears begging on roadside. They beg to get their food; they beg because they want to; they beg because they are told to do it. Different people and so different are their arguments.

Some people feel pity and gives money to children to profess some philanthropy while others restrict to give money either they believe they should work or they don’t want to encourage the act of begging.

You too might have some stand for this practice so as I. But do we really know what is begging for a child?

"To know something, we need to feel something" I believe in it. 
We need to wear the same shoes; we need to sit and talk with them; we need to observe their ways; we need to understand their mind; there are many more things we need to know before judging a child for his/her begging practice.

I don’t question people on their stand for this practice but when somebody says that these children themselves don’t want to study; they want to earn money; they are used to of begging and they like it. I feel a misconception.

In my opinion, children are like raw earthen pots that can take any shape. It’s what my father has always told me. He has always preached me about choosing habits cautiously because it’s better to adopt your habits wisely.

As I was a child and I can adopt any habit because of flexibility so are the other children either they are of high class people or children who are begging!

Why eighteen is considered as an adult age? It’s because we become able to take decisions. Those little creatures of god don’t know the consequences of the work they are doing. They get either molded by their parents, society or by time. Nobody shows them the way when they get struck; nobody tells them to read as our parents asks us; nobody asks them to bring good marks but they are surely asked to make good money and that’s when their mind gets molded.

I remember when I was teaching some children of slum area, I saw hands of a child. His hands were harsh as if he had done some work with mud. I thought he might be working as a rag picker. When I asked him does he work? He simply denied and said, ‘I don’t’. His answers were like as if he was told to answer each and every question precisely. He was hardly eight or nine years old but his way of talking was saying much more about him.

He had lost his innocence and I felt that. He wasn’t a child he was supposed to be. At this tender age, he might have seen bigger challenges than me.

I don’t know why he works; why don’t he go to school when he was already admitted to school?

I know my questions will never be answered by them precisely. So I try to ask questions differently; when they feel motivated and easy going, they love study otherwise without guiding, it seems like a mountain to them.

Due to lack of human and financial sources, they turn to begging and that’s when they lose their entire childhood and opportunity of improving their lives!

If you meet someone whom you can help in some way, please do not hesitate and share something that can help them to rethink about their future.

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