Story behind Kamrunaag temple

Kamrunaag Temple (Image: Loopwhole) Himachal is a land of fantastic tales. One more tale is about a temple situated on one of the high...

Kamrunaag Temple (Image: Loopwhole)
Himachal is a land of fantastic tales. One more tale is about a temple situated on one of the highest hills of Sundernagar! Kamrunaag ji is a Hindu deity and is considered as a powerful god here. There is a lake in front of the temple where people use to throw money. A lot of coins and notes are thrown into that pond every year.

Technically, that currency became invalid and disappears from the market but people have utmost faith in god. It’s not like that people are blindly trusting on god but Kamrunaag deity makes sure that good should happen with good and bad with the bad.

Once, two thieves went to stole money from that lake in mid-night. They no doubt collected much money but as they turned back to run, they saw dark and nothing else and when they were turning towards the temple, their eyes were becoming normal. It happened many times and at last, thieves had to leave all the money in lake.

There was one more incident when a person who was very poor and needed money urgently. He went there and stole money but this thing which had happened to thieves didn’t happen to him. He took the money and used it where he needed that. There was another person who came to know about this stealing. He told about him to everyone. In this incident, bad didn’t happen to the one who stole money but to the one who told everything to the world.

There is a person known as ‘Gur’ in temples in which deity comes. Lately, he told people that it’s his money and his wish to decide whom he wanted to give money.

The story of establishment of this temple dates back to Mahabharata. Kamrunaag was a deity with strong powers. When Mahabharata was happening in Kurukshetra, he decided to go and see it with his eyes. He was on his way when Shri Krishan realized that some strong power is coming near to them. Shri Krishan turned himself into a Brahmin and came in his way. He asked Kamrunaag where he was going to which he replied that he was going to see the battle of Mahabharata. When Brahmin asked, on whose side you’ll be supporting, he said ‘I’ll take the side of one who is losing’. To test the powers of Kamrunaag, he asked him to make a hole on all the leaves of the trees in front of them with single arrow. Shri Krishan put one leaf inside his palm and one under his feet secretly. He made hole on all the leaves including the ones hidden by Shri Krishan. By this, Shri Krishan came to know that Kamrunaag was surely a powerful deity.

Shri Krishan knew that if Kamrunaag would see the battle, it is probable that Kaurav’s could win. Being a Brahmin, he asked a wish from Kamrunaag to which he couldn’t deny. Shri Krishan asked him to cut and give his head and Kamrunaag did so. When Shri Krishan came in his real form, Kamrunaag came to know about the whole matter. He asked a wish from Shri Krishan to watch the battle of Mahabharata with his own eyes without supporting anyone.

For his sake, head of Kamrunaag was placed on the hilltop to let him see the battle. One more thing started happening then. To which side Kamrunaag was watching, that side started to win. For this, Shri Krishan let him see the real thing happening behind the battle. After the battle ended, Shri Krishan asked him how the battle was to which Kamrunaag replied that there was nothing happening in the battle, it was you who was doing everything with your Sudarshan Chakra.

After this, Kamrunaag asked Shri krishan to settle him down at a peaceful mountain and so on one of the peaks of Himalayas, Kamrunaag is having their temple!

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