History of Sundernagar!

Image : Tan'sClick Sundernagar is my hometown which is situated in the lap of Himalayas. It is located in district Mandi, Himach...

Image : Tan'sClick

Sundernagar is my hometown which is situated in the lap of Himalayas. It is located in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. History of Sundernagar dates back to eighth century. It was named ’Suket’ and ancestors of this kingdom belonged to Rajputs of Bengal. Bir Sen was the first king known to this place and it is probable that Bir Sen established Suket in 756 AD.

It used to be in the area of 420 square kilometers. Its boundary touches Mandi, Bilaspur and Kullu. Sundernagar was the capital of Suket. The descendants of this kingdom fought many battles and the major one was held with Kullu. Under the administration of Raja Vikram Singh, Kullu was under Suket.  

When Raja Madan Sen came into existence in thirteenth century, there was more stability and happiness and thus this turned out to be the longest period for a ruler.  This time was also called ‘Golden era of Suket’.

Raja Madan Sen made a fort namely Madankot near Pangna and now this place is known as Madangarh. Raja Madan Sen gave Rana Bhosal area from Manali to Bajorra for marrying the princess of Suket.

There is a one more story lying in the pages of history. In one tale, it is said that once the king was sleeping and he saw Goddess in his dreams and Goddess warned him to leave Pangna otherwise fate could turn out Evil to him. King made a temple there and left that place. Then, he made ‘Lohara’ as the Capital of Suket.

After this, Raja Garud Sen and Raja Vikram Sen ruled in Suket. It is said that the queen of Raja Vikram Sen was a very intelligent lady and she constructed Suraj Kund in Suket.

In 1820, William Murcraft was first European to visit Suket! Under the rule of Raja Ugar Sen, the Governor General of India, Lord Mayo visited Suket. Then, Raja Bhim Sen built many buildings and roads.

The last king who has ruled Suket was Raja Lakshman Sen. His rule started from 1920 AD. His ruling period was although small but he did many important and useful works for the people of his kingdom.

He made primary schools for girls and boys. He appointed ‘Vaidh’ in every Tehsil and made administrative service strong. He built many new roads and reconstructed some to widen. He constructed orphanage, court and various public buildings.

On April 15, 1948 Suket and Mandi were combined to form a single district known as ‘Mandi’!

There are many festivals which are celebrated in Sundernagar and different fairs are hosted here in which the major one is ‘Nalwadi Mela’ which is a state level fair.  It was started by Raja Vikram Sen in 1889 and this idea was given by W. Goldstein.

Currently, Sundernagar is in its developing phrase and many institutions, hospitals and schools are started here. There are many temples and peaceful places to visit around the town. A man-made lake is also constructed here under Beas Satluj Link Project which has actually increased the charm of this town. Hope it will dwell more and more!

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