Here's how to know if someone is lying!

Image Source: Wikihow In today’s world, honesty has become rare. You can’t expect people to be honest always. You can use one out of...

Image Source: Wikihow

In today’s world, honesty has become rare. You can’t expect people to be honest always. You can use one out of these three methods to detect a lie!

1. Facial Expressions: Facial expression says a lot about you. You can learn to detect lies by observing a person’s reaction while talking. While observing facial expressions, you need to focus on four major aspects.

  • Micro-expressions: these expressions flashes on the face of a person for a fraction of second and you can figure out the lie in that one second after practicing it. Generally, a liar shows emotions of agony on his/her face.
  • Nose touching/ mouth covering: It is due to the fact while lying adrenaline rushes into the nose capillaries causing itching to the nose. People who lie generally touch their nose or area near their mouth.
  • Eye movements: When people are usually remembering something, their eyebrows tend to move upwards. While telling a lie, eyelids of a person blinks or people rub their eyes while lying. 

2. Way of talking: It is another method to access weather the person is true or lying. His voice and choice of words can clearly be used to depict the truthfulness.

  • Voice: Person’s voice either rises or slows down while telling a lie. Tension could also cause the person to stammer. These signs can easily detect a liar.
  • Exaggerated details: If somebody gives you more details than required, it is most probable that the person is lying and wants you to believe what he/she is saying.
  • Impulsive emotional responses: When somebody responses at once after you complete your question, it is certain that the person has already rehearsed the question and was expecting you to question them.
  • Choice of words: Generally liars ask you to question again or says the same words that you said to them before answering something. 

3. Body language: A person’s body language has much to say about them. you can see their body language changing as the sign of lying.

  • Sweating: Generally people start sweating while they lie. But it can’t be termed as concrete sign as some people sweat due to nervousness or shyness.
  • Nods: It happens that when a person lies, he says yes and head nods like no or vice-versa. This can be helpful in clearly watching the intensions of next person.
  • Fidgeting: When people lie, their nervous energy is released in the form of fidget. Either they start to fidget with handkerchief or with something near to them.
  • Throat: a person throat seems to swallow or gulp something while lying.
  • Breathing: Liars tend to breathe faster. They shows a series of short breathes followed by deeper breathes. 
Although everything can’t be confirmed as certain but watching an eye over the parameters of a person can act as a tool to detect a lie!

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