Meet the most brainy human beings ever!

There are those who leave their name in golden words on the pages of history and there are others who make people astonished every time by...

There are those who leave their name in golden words on the pages of history and there are others who make people astonished every time by their impeccable works. Here are the most brainy humans ever existed. These geniuses are only one in their kind. Forks who love literature will be happy to know that the one who has topped the list is regarded as a ‘Literary genius’. 

Top five geniuses ever existed on the basis of their IQ level are:

1) Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a German novelist, politician, playwright, poet and a diplomat. He is described as a ‘Literary Genius’ in history but his knowledge was not only restricted to literature. He was involved in scientific studies too. For this study of geology, he had a collection of minerals. The reason of him to top the list is that he had highest IQ level in entire history of mankind ever known. He had IQ of 220.

2) Leonardo Da Vinci: Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian man who is considered as a genius of Science and art. His best ever work was the painting of ‘Mona Lisa’ for which he is remembered till day. That painting is exceptionally flawless but it’s not the end of list of this genius. Along with a genius painter, he was botanist, geologist, cartographer, sculptor, engineer, inventor, architect and a writer. Phew… it takes us utmost effort to become one of these and he was a full package of geniuses! 

His IQ level was 200.

3) Issac Newton: Isaac Newton who never need any introduction and if you need any than you probably knew nothing. He is a man who has developed half of the science and mathematics. For students all around the globe, he is an unforgettable name especially for science students. He was an English physicist and mathematician. His gave mathematical principles to natural philosophies and proved his facts correct by giving exact equations. He studies brought an era of change and modernization to the world. He was blessed with the IQ of 182.

4) Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz: Leibnitz was a German philosopher and mathematician. He had contributed a lot in mathematics. If you are mathematics students, you must know the formulas given by him in many areas of calculus. We are thankful to him to invent mechanical calculators who made it easy for common people like us to solve complex problems. He had possessed IQ level of 191.

5) John Stuart Mill: John Stuart Mill was a political economist and English philosopher. He has contributed his life to support liberalism. His idea of individual’s freedom was the most influential yet contradictory one. His work still helps scientists and lawyers in many aspects till day. His IQ level was 182.5. He came forward in list with IQ 0.5 more than Galileo Galilei.

These are the top eminent personalities who have surely left the world today but their work has left an unfathomable impact to mankind!

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