Fantastic flavors of Himachali dham

Himachali Dham (Image Source: ArvindKatoch ) This name is mouthwatering to most of the people of Himachal Pradesh. Himachali dham is a...

Himachali Dham (Image Source: ArvindKatoch)
This name is mouthwatering to most of the people of Himachal Pradesh. Himachali dham is a series of Himachali dishes prepared at special occasions. It is unique in taste and people eat it with happiness and joy. We have a tradition to sit on a long mat together and have Himachali dham on ‘Pattals’.

Himachali Dham consists of different dishes depending upon the area. My favorite Dham is of Sundernagar and Mandi. We have one or two types of Madra, Meetha, Khata, Mah ki daal and curry.

It’s a fantastic combination flavors which are mouthwatering and I like it very much.

  • Rice: it is the foremost thing which is prepared in dhams. All the dishes made are consumed with rice.
  • Madra: Madra is the heart of Himachli dham. Without it, dham can’t be completed. It is of two types. One made with ‘haryai’ and another is made ‘without haryai’. 
  1. Without haryai: Dhotuaa ki daal is made without haryai. It’s a black pulse without its covering which is made in ghee. This Madra is very heavy as the ghee required to make it is taken in same amount as the pulse. Seems unbelievable na!
  2. With haryai: This madra can be of Sepubadi, potato, ghandyali or of cauliflower. Its main theme is to fry the vegetables and then cooking it with haryai.
  • Haryai is made by grinding spinach or green colored leaves of some plants which can be used as haryai.
  • Meetha: Meeta is the sweet dish which is generally prepared with the small cubes of pumpkin with grinded dry fruits in it. Now-a-days, Gulab Jamuns are also made in place of this which is tasty but lesser than pumpkin sweet dish.
  • Khata: It is sour and is made of pumpkin generally but potatoes are also used to prepare it. Dry fruits are also used to make it. 
  • Mah ki daal: It is prepared in a simply way. It is not oily and adds simple and sober taste at the end. It is accompanied by curry or ‘kol di daal’.
  • Curry: It is made with curd and ‘pakodas’ and ‘bundiyas’ are used to accompany it. It’s spicy and adds more charm to ‘Mah ki daal’.
  • Kol ki daal: It is one dish which can bring tears to eyes. I don’t know its exact recipe as I less often take chance to include it in my ‘pattal’. Some people love it most.
There are different dishes which are prepared in dhams. It depends upon the place. ‘Dham’ is a word which is used to describe a lunch organized on special occasions like marriage. Further the dishes made on these occasions are termed as ‘Himachali Dham’ which differs from place to place.

There is a more dish which I like about Himachali Dham. The combination of rice, madra, meeta, khata and daal when fried together lately makes a new fantastico dish known as ‘Tudkira Bhat’.

I hope you enjoyed fantastic flavors of Himachali Dham today!

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