Image Source:  goseefeel Casteism is a disease which has and has been dividing our society. I don’t deny the fact that world is risi...

Image Source: goseefeel

Casteism is a disease which has and has been dividing our society. I don’t deny the fact that world is rising above the stereotypes to some extent but the roots of casetism still lies beneath the ground of society. This casteism has always impacted the whole nation. I am discussing about the ongoing impacts of casteism:

1) Division of society: Society is divided into groups on the basis of the caste they belong. In spite of getting good education, we are unable to break this mindset of people. I am surprised to know that even the people who are quite qualified believe in it and show their superiority of blood. I don’t know do they possess blood of some other color which they feel is superior to other people?

2) Narrow Mindset: People have quite narrow mindset regarding castes. Today, this era is no doubt changing but there is still a root which makes them to create a distinction in them. Now people have divided the society in General, SC, ST, OBC categories. Moreover, there is clash of people in sub-categories. They act superior to one another. People say that they don’t believe in casteism but they openly preach about their superiority of belonging to some royal class or of ancestors. Whatever. Doesn’t they indirectly showing their faith in casteism by making other people inferior? 

3) Distinction on the basis of caste: I don’t understand the criteria of Quota system. We want to unite our country in one thread of unity but we have divided it into classes. This has created distinction between different groups. In my opinion if we want to make everyone equal, we have to treat everyone equal. People who are really in need should be eligible for it. This criterion should not divide society. I wish one day this surname system will end when people will voluntarily choose to do it and recognition of individual would be done on some another basis.

4) Suicides: There occur many suicides because of this so called casteism. Many people who wanted to do inter caste marriages have ended their life with suicides. I think such society must feel their ‘Izzat’ after these acts which otherwise was spoiling by the youth!

The most recent example was of Rohith Vemula Suicide when he suffered caste based discrimination. I don’t think we can see a society of equality until we all change our mindset.

5) Murders: In the name of God, a lot of murders still happen in our country. Don’t they understand they belong to humanity first before belonging to any caste? They feel they possess different blood. I ask do they have blood A, B, AB, O (+ or -) other than this? I don’t understand their logic of killing someone just because they don’t belong to your co-called caste. It’s really haunting to even imagine the suffering of people who have witnessed this shameful act.

I feel casteism has a very deep impact on our society. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are becoming its part. I respect every religion but before respecting any other religion, I firmly believe in one religion of Humanity!

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