A short love story!

  “A prolonged feeling of peppiness As their share of happiness” First time, it was for the first time when they both were meeting. ...

 “A prolonged feeling of peppiness
As their share of happiness”

First time, it was for the first time when they both were meeting. Like many other love stories, their love story was indebted to the most respected social media ;) After a long wait of months, they were finally destined to meet!

She was nervous and so was he. Facebook had made their love story breathe. It was like as if they were perfect for each other. No one else was needed to complete their small life.

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Love stories in which couples remain stick to each other may be cute but long distance separations have their own share of undefined love and cravings. All could not survive in the storm of being apart and still loving each other, only some blessed ones can do it. They were one of those blessed couples!

After making sure that she was looking good enough, she headed towards her destination. On the other hand, he made sure to arrive at the place where she was expected to meet him for the very first time. He was always a sweetheart to her as he never gave a single moment to her to complain about and this time again; he was as sweet as always!

She was standing on the roadside with utmost confidence when she saw him and butterflies started dancing in her stomach. His cute smile was all that was taking all the attention. As he came near to her, he hugged her lightly with a smile on his face. Both were shy but there was something, some energy which was dragging both of them towards each other. Their first meeting turned so comfortable and informal that they even forget that they were meeting for the first time. They had a ton of things or may be more to talk about. Not even a single second, they had any pause in between their conversation.

Hours were behaving like minutes and minutes as seconds. They wanted to stop the time for them! Their story was same like many other people but their love story was different. They were in love with each other; still they were not in relationship. He was madly in love with her and she was more in it. Their approach for life was different. According to them, relationship ends and they didn’t want their little sweet life to end. They wanted to keep it forever. So, they rejected to give any name to their precious bond that they were sharing.

They chose to stay by each other’s side always; they chose to be a part of each other’s life; they chose not to be a part of any name that could separate them; they wanted to be inseparable; so they chose to remain lovers always!

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