Discovery of a hidden town!

Koldam,Himachal Pradesh (Image: TribuneIndia ) A fantastic day I must say. Its picture is still clear in my mind. That day had added o...

Koldam,Himachal Pradesh (Image: TribuneIndia)
A fantastic day I must say. Its picture is still clear in my mind. That day had added one more beautiful memory to my life!

I was in second year when I’ve got scooty. Being a loving daughter to my lovely parents, I was never allowed to drive to far places. Moreover, I was not that champion in driving it, I had just learnt to drive on highway. As the roads are much curvy, so I was restricted to drive to any place other than my college.

But as usually when I’ve got the keys, I wanted to visit at least not that far stunning places closer to my hometown where I’ve never visited unluckily but have heard a lot of times. Ankita and I, crazy cool friends (always excited and ready to do anything which is restricted) decided to visit Koldam to add more fun to our lives.

I was not that rider still she was never anxious of going with me, opposite to this fact she was much more excited than me. We bunked college and headed towards our way. The road was in poor condition until reach Jarol. In between, I had to drive with utmost focus. At some places I asked her to walk some steps and at some places when I got struck, she motivated and showed confidence on me. When the cruel bumpy road ended and a clean road came, adrenalin’s secretion increased and it made me to accelerate scooty more with Ankita telling me to drive faster. When I remember the day, I laugh. Seriously, we could’ve died that day but as usually lady luck worked for us again!

We were feeling the air so hard on our faces that at last I had to slow down my vehicle. As usual chatter boxes, we had enough to talk about. We were unacquainted to the way. I drove it until I saw bridge from where I had idea to proceed further but for cross checking, we stopped and asked the way from the shopkeeper and took some snacks from him.

When we reached on the road which was a separate way towards Koldam, we were mesmerized by the enchanting view and cool breeze touching our skin in hot summer days. When we reached at main Koldam gate, we were prohibited to go further but they insisted us to go to V-point from where the whole view of the reservoir could be seen.

After taking the instructions, we started to move on the road. The place was very much peaceful but there were some houses ahead. There was a school which was giving an impression as if it’s a movie set. As we saw things there, we were feeling as if we’ve discovered a town which was hidden. A far but a very beautiful place away from the city where you feel as if it’s a kingdom of any king, it excited us to discover it more. We named it ‘Hidden town’.

As we proceeded further, I got the glimpse of sun’s shadow in water and then an enchanting view of water everywhere. I at once shouted to tell this to Ankita and I know her face had been lit up with smile at that precise moment.

I parked the vehicle and we stood there and took many pictures. We enjoyed each and every moment that day and then headed back to home as I had to reach home in time.

All it takes to make your day bizarre is being with peppy and crazy friends!

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