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Image: Loopwhole We have been hearing about a lot of mythologies and might have heard a lot of legends but every time we listen to an...

Image: Loopwhole

We have been hearing about a lot of mythologies and might have heard a lot of legends but every time we listen to any story, many queries come in our head; whether is it possible? if it’s possible then how could it be possible? Many questions strike in our mind. Isn’t it?

But when you  witness and see the fantastic powers of Himalayas, you will be astonished!

Firstly, I want to clear what mountain gods are. They are deities who are worshiped by people of Himalayas. Generally, every village has their own deity and moreover division of deities is also based on the ‘Gotra’ of the family.

There are thousands of deities and all of them possess undeniable powers. There is a ‘Rath’ in which the god resides and travels to different places. ‘Rath’ is made of metals alloys, silver or even of gold. It is believed that power comes in ‘Rath’.

Once, I was sitting at my college with one of my friends Ankita. She is from Kullu and used to tell me stories of Kullu valley. Some stories have seemed unusual and unrealistic to me. She was telling me about an incident when a ‘Rath’ flew from one house to the next house. I didn’t believe her story as it was appearing impractical to me.

I too had seen ‘Raths’ dancing on our district level fair. I believe in god and I had belief that ‘Rath’ itself moves to dance with people holding it on four sides but it was appearing much peculiar that a ‘Rath’ could fly itself.

She had told me numerous times that the deities of Kullu possess strong powers and had told me many stories to prove her argument. I had partially believed in her stories every time but when I saw this unusual video, my eyes widened and all of her words started coming into my head.

Along with ‘Rath’, deity chooses a human body in which deity emanates when want to communicate with people. The chosen ones become the ‘Gur’ of deity. When deity enters in the body of ‘Gur’, he too gets some unusual powers. He could even walk on burning coal barefooted and no harm transpires to him.

Video Credit: Loopwhole

Every deity has their own rules and ways to choose their ‘Gur’. They have to clear tests given by the deity. Those tests are not normal ones but something only a superhuman can do!

Some tests remain secret and they are unknown to common people. On the other hand, some tests are performed in front of public. One deity gives a test that a trench is dug and covered with wooden slat. ‘Gur’ to be elected is made to lie down in it and earth is spooned to cover it. After half an hour, earth is re-dug and slat is removed. If the ‘Gur-chosen’ has survived, he passes the test(I've only heard about it and people says that the person who claims himself to be chosen one does it. So nobody claims to be a 'chosen-gur' unless they are really the one). Afterwards other tests take place.

Deity possesses bizarre powers which seems unrealistic to most of the people unless they witness anything themselves!


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