Ideas matters. The world matter. Our lives matter, and the choices we make we navigate our lives perhaps matter most of all. - Lauren My...

Ideas matters. The world matter. Our lives matter, and the choices we make we navigate our lives perhaps matter most of all. - Lauren Myracle

Today, I went to see a movie with my friends and you guess it right! I watched Airlift. No doubt movie was awesome but the thing which increased its worth is the fact that there exist a man named Sunny Mathews who really worked hard to navigate the future of 1,70,000 Indians!

Ranjeet Katyal is a name taken by Akshay Kumar in the movie but the real hero behind this heroic situation is Sunny Mathews!

Sunny Mathews with his wife (Image source: India Times)
In 1990, Iraqi troops began aerial and naval bombardments followed by ground assault in Kuwait. It was a dark nightmare to the people living there at that time. At that point of time, there were 1,70,000 Indians who were also stricken there. Sunny Mathews was a businessman there but he showed extraordinary courage which finally made a history!

We daily use navigation to easily reach any of our destinations but to navigate future, it’s not something that we can google. Sunny Mathews navigated future with his every step. Being a businessman, he had contacts in Iraq too. With the help of his contacts, he managed 1,70,000 Indian refugee evacuation.

His efforts were surely heroic and his bravery to take responsibility made all of it possible. I really felt proud after watching and knowing about such an individual.

Yes, it’s true that there are many problems which our country is facing currently and was facing yesterday too but it’s our identity. We are Indians and that’s what our motherland gives us, Her name!

We are Indians by birth and this binds us in a thread of unity.  Singularity has never made a lasting impression nor it lasts for long but integrity is something that gives strength to walk in every hurricane. This integrity had made the navigation of that Airlift possible.

Airlift, which finally happened, made a remark that will remain in history. He with his some friends formed a non-official committee and pressurized Indian government. His efforts went fruitful and at the end, Indian government sent its civilian aircrafts. Two civilian aircrafts were sent who used to travel 11 times a day. This struggle lasted for 58 days and finally, all the Indians who were stricken there came back home.

This was the largest refugee evacuation in the world and it made a Guinness world record. Incredible India! That’s what my lips say. There are many more people who had a share in this Airlift. Surely, we have many people who works behind the scene but without them true picture can never bulge out.

But yes, this is true that, that one man curved something fruitful with his inner worth.  Many people possess share for that Airlift but the mind which navigated the future was one!

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