India of my dreams

Image: AllPicts “I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do.”-Haruki Murakami India as a nation of my drea ms e...

Image: AllPicts

“I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do.”-Haruki Murakami

India as a nation of my dreams exists in my mind. After all, every man lives in the world of their own dreams. My ideal nation will have people with sound knowledge living without any fear. I don’t want to see them living in dirt and darkness as animals. There will be neither hunger nor poverty nor any disease; no one will be idle; no one will wallow in luxury. Everyone will be contributing equally in his/her quota of work for the growth of nation and for oneself as well.

Every heart will be filled with compassion, love, happiness and sense of charity. For my dreams, highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness will be maintained in India. Everyone will be allowed to work in their choice of field.

Though our constitution has given equal rights to every citizen but women are still deprived of their rights in many parts of the country. My dream is to see them strengthening and empowering. I appreciate those people who take economic and social decisions for the betterment of our society. There will be more women soldiers, doctors, politicians, bureaucrats, pilots and teachers.

There will be peace, harmony, love and prosperity and most importantly truthfulness where no one will be afraid for speaking the truth and where there will be no corruption.

Former Indian President Abdul Kalam had something truly inspiring about the growth of Nation.

“If we want to see our nation grow, first we will have to be technologically sound.” 

Following his words, I want to see my India at the apex of advanced Science and technology.

India will always stand at the top in every field. For this purpose I want to see every Indian citizen to contribute equally to make pollution free and clean India by planting trees and actively involving in cleanliness campaigns.

Every men, women and children would be given free higher education which will help our nation grow economically as well as morally.

There would be inimitable progress so that our agriculture sector should not depend on monsoon everywhere in India. There would be sufficient means of irrigation wherever required and no farmer will commit suicide because of the failure of monsoon.

Every Jhuggi-Jhopri would be decolonized and there will be a proper house for all to live in. Care would be taken to ensure sanitation and clean drinking water for every household.

When my country will be fully developed, there will be no dearth of men with high grade of skill and arty talent. There is nothing in life worth having than watching forming ‘India of my dreams’.

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