A Baker and A Banker

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."- Marcel Proust ...

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."- Marcel Proust

Some impacts are necessary to be left by some people.

Following his daily routine, a banker named Henry goes to the baker’s shop. He asked for a packet of almond cookies and some chocolate pastries. Along with it, he ordered a birthday cake. Today, the things which the banker was asking for were different. Baker looked at him with his blue buttoned eyes and as usually gave a creepy smile but commented, “Happy birthday”. I guess it might be your birthday. But for whom are you taking this stuff? I think you live alone. Banker gave a smile and grins at him. Who told you I live alone? I live with you, with the whole world around me. Today is a special day and I am going to celebrate today with the girl I always wanted to have. “But I have never seen you with anyone from the day I know you”, baker said. Why don’t you bring that girl here? I wish if I could. What do you mean? Right now I need to go. I will tell you some other day. Have a nice day. Bubye…!

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Next day, baker served pastries, cookies and other delicious items prepared by him to people. He realized that banker had not come today. It was unusual to him as today he hasn’t got any smile as a reply to his mockery.

Two days went away; still there was no sign of banker. Baker used to hate him still his absence was creating a difference to him. Henry used to smile on his every bad joke and had always treated baker with respect. Now when no one was giving him any attention or replying rudely to him, he was missing Henry deep inside but he was stubborn enough to accept it.

At evening, one of his costumers come, he used to work in the same bank as Henry. When baker saw him he asked where about of Henry. “Henry had survived from a life threatening accident”, he said. It was probably a van which went straight inside his car.

Next day, he decided to meet Henry. He went to house from where he got to know that he is at St. Stephen’s Hospital. For the first time since baker had known banker, he had bought flowers to him and talked politely. He sat on the chair beside the Banker’s bed. 

Hi Henry!


How are you now? I hope you are recovering. Ya..sort of… I’ve got my leg broken and it will take me one month to recover. As I don’t have anybody at home to take care of me, I’ve to stay here till I became able to walk myself.


So how did you know that I am here? 

A common friend told me,

Friend? Do you really consider me your friend? Woahh .. why didn’t you told me?

Mmmm… I mean..

Nurse came in to give medicine.

“Banker, you were about to tell me something”


I think you forgot. Remember when last time you’d bought cake from me?

Yes, how can I forget that?


For who had you bought that cake, Henry? 

Henry looked outside the window. 

You wanted to know why I live alone. For this, I have to tell you a story.

We were neighbors since childhood. We were in same school and in the same class. I dated her when we were 10. We have played together, studied together and had made fun together and mocking too. We loved each other desperately. We have cried many times but couldn’t remain far from each other. So after having a fight, we ended up talking the very next day.

We completed our college in the very same year and planned to get married. She was looking like my more beautiful and charming princess in her white gown. We were so excited for our new life. I still remember the applause when I kissed her. It was the most passionate kiss ever.

It was the month of July when we were coming back from the pub that night. We both were drunk. I was driving the car and I slept during driving that caused our car to hit another car from right side. This incident took my love from me and I curse myself for this. I can’t pardon myself ever for this and that’s why I prefer to live alone. It’s my punishment.

I visit her grave every month but on her every Birthday, we used to buy almond cookies and chocolate pastries. Those are her favorite. That day I was about to visit her but an accident took place but I was so cursed that I am still alive to live alone.

You are not alone. You have a new friend, Henry. Whatever happened was not your fault. It was destined. I have a daughter who is suffering from Cancer and I know one day she will leave us( with teary eyes) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her or I will not miss her or it’s my fault. But see, it’s a harder truth. I am raised by my father alone. I know the pain of loss.

A little girl approaches them and asks for a flower. She was bald still she was beautiful.

If you liked my suggestion, let me know. You have a friend who has been transformed by your impact or if you still want to live alone, I don’t want to see you. With this, baker went away.

After a month, Henry visited the baker and hugged him.

Thank you friend!

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