Nalagarh Days

Nalagarh Fort (Image Source: WelcomeNRI ) I went for an industrial training at Nalagarh last month.  We were five friends and went Na...

Nalagarh Fort (Image Source: WelcomeNRI)
I went for an industrial training at Nalagarh last month.  We were five friends and went Nalagarh via Swarghat route. After Swarghat, the road was not good and bus was behaving as if it was floating on the stones. Up and down, that’s what the path was being followed by the bus. Moreover, the whole bus filled with dust. Garima, Akhil, Tanay and Anil might have suffered very much. On the other hand, I had taken medicine and so I was in very deep sleep. I didn’t get to know much of the journey. Nearly at 4:00 pm, we reached Nalagarh and called the person who had to bring us PG there.  Garima and I got PG easily but boys had to work hard a little.

We were happy to get a good place to live there as we hadn’t heard much good about the place. We were only two girls living there apart from the landlord, landlady and their daughter. Moreover, the house was safe and clean. Later at night, we were chatting with the landlady and her daughter. Garima got a message from Tanay. She showed it to me. He was saying something wrong about the place and we felt some creepiness about the place first. When the landlady went to her room, Garima and I discussed the whole matter and started collecting facts. My mind was rewinding the series of Sherlock Holmes. We were very much tired that day. Still, it took efforts to sleep there and after ending our investigations, we slept at 2:00 am nearly.

Next thing was food problem. The food which they were offering was very spicy as if it was entirely made of red Chilly. I felt my stomach burning from that.

Next day, we went to visit “SARA Textiles” for the first time. We were asked to submit affidavit first. After preparing our affidavits first, we again went to the company.  We were then headed by Ashok sir, who made our way through different departments. Then, we had conversation with top management.

They issued us departments in which we had to work.  We were thrilled to see the machinery and the processes very first day. A peppy smile was glowing on everyone’s face. We were watching machines now working live on a large scale.
We stayed there for 21 days and everyday was worth remembering.

I remember, one night when I was awake at nearly 1am, I heard some creepy voices. The voice was not identical. Sometimes it becomes louder and sometimes lighter. For nearly half hour, I struggled to remain strong until the voices went away. I jumped out of the bed and switched on the light. Then, I slept till next morning.

Then daily, our detective mind used to poop questions when we hear rubbish talks and awkward behavior and approach of people. May be, we took that serious. Some nights were made haunted by our thoughts. Mine more I think. But at day time, we used to mock and make fun of everything. There are a number of incidents that Garima and i will always remember. The creepy talks with landlady and our food will be remembered always!

Akhil, Tanay, Anil, Garima and I used to chit chat everyday about these incidences. Tanay and Anil had enough work to do as they were mentored by their favorite Patel sir. They used to bless him every day with their kind words. Garima and Akhil used to observe looms and tried to find reasons of breakages. I used to be a freelancer and used to visit every department whenever I wanted and talked to whoever I wished to and asked queries to the respected heads. Apart from engineering, we learnt many other things about the firm, workers, management and most importantly to survive in difficult circumstances. We also learnt to wait for buses for hours as long route buses didn’t stop at nearby stops.

We daily used to visit La Vagia, a cafe or a bakery generally.  After returning from industry, these destinations provided us food and coffee so that our hungry stomachs can feel good. We enjoyed our stay there. On one Sunday, we trekked to Tara Devi temple and enjoyed the whole scenery of Nalagarh from there. That temple was on hill top and beautiful one. We didn’t have much time as sun was dawning. We came back soon.

On another Sunday, we visited Baddi and had lunch there with Garima’s elder brother Chirag. Then, we went to big Bazaar and did our favorite job of shopping!

On next Sunday, boys did a search and luckily found a restaurant nearby. Near as one kilometer! That day, one more place was discovered and that was a park. We went there too and took many selfies and pictures. Sharing food to irritating and making fun of each other, we enjoyed everything. We enjoyed learning there and discussing it at tea break. SARA Textiles produces towels and we bought towels in kgs from there. If i collectively say then we had bought towels 35-40 kg.

This trip of 21 day will remain peppy and bring smile to our faces whenever we’ll recall it!

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