Paris Attacks: Insanity of Humanity

Few days back, there occurred a severe attack on Paris letting people to shiver with fear. Is this what humans are supposed to do? Is it t...

Few days back, there occurred a severe attack on Paris letting people to shiver with fear. Is this what humans are supposed to do? Is it the thing which gives them peace? 

Some people are comparing these attacks with 26/11 attack which India had suffered. A series of blasts shivered the soil of Paris. To watch death standing at your door is not just the work of the back of your hand. People didn’t even give a second thought that it might be a terrorist attack. They thought the voices could be of firecrackers when they heard shooting at first but lately came to know that this is something that will give them wounds, wounds so deep which could never be healed permanently. It was deeply saddening that on one hand, world is developing new technologies, trying to invade new planets and on the other hand, it is having such a severe problem of insane terrorism. 

People are getting educated but also there are people who are indulging in terrorism. We all feel that this terrorism should be stopped. But do we really even know that what is terrorism? Why is it expanding? Groups like Islamic states, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Taliban are a major reason behind the deaths of many innocents. According to a report, 162 countries were examined covering 99.6% population of the world and it is estimated that 66% of deaths are caused by these groups. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria accounted for 80% deaths from terrorism in 2013 and Iraq was the country most affected by it. IS now targeted Paris. Why? Was it just for fun? No, absolutely not. These insane minds did it to show how powerful they are. These were the responses after airstrikes were caused by France in Mali to fight terrorism. 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud is described as the mastermind behind these attacks by French officials. This massacre has left at least 129 people dead and 100 are still in critical condition. It has been suspected that three co-ordinated teams appear to have been behind the attacks. First three attacks occurred outside the stadium where a football match was being played by France and Germany. President Francois Hollande was also present there to attend the game which was being broadcast on TV. Three suicide bombs occurred around the stadium. 

 Another attack occurred in a restaurant and bar. People initially assumed that these voices could be of firecrackers but lately came to know that they were under fire from semi-automatic guns. People said that they assumed it was fireworks but then there were men shooting in all directions. At one place, they fired for three minutes and then headed towards their next stop. The most dreadful scene occurred when a concert was going on. Terrorists entered from the main gate and people in front rows previously thought there must be crackers but in a short time saw the most horrible and deadly scene of their life. After terrorists attacked with rifles, they used three subsequent suicide bombs. 

Soon a hall where happy and cheerful faces were seen turned to a place full of corpses. Around 89 people were killed there. This attacked was the biggest one after the world war which France had faced. Investigation revealed the identities of some of the terrorists. A suicide vest Sami Amimour left France and went to Syria and this news is sent to his family lately. His father went Syria to bring back his son but he refused to come back. He told his father an incident. It was like. Amimour traveled two days back with a French woman and her six month old baby. Her husband was about to be a part of suicide attack. She looked happy. According to him, he was about to do a blissful task by killing innocents in the name of God. His father had to come home alone. 

 The mastermind of this Abdelhamid Abaaoud belongs to a well to do family. His father said we had a nice life. “I am ashamed of my son”, he said. His father added that he was horrified that his son had contemplated attacks in Belgium, a country which had been good to his family. On one hand, world is fighting terrorism and on the other one people are closing their eyes and doing blind acts in the name of god. May light of knowledge and education enlighten them! May one day we will see world without terrorism. We hope..!!!

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