Bit by bit, little by little, life goes on and on…. You don’t realize the change but you only feel it, feel it like a thorn hurting y...

Bit by bit, little by little, life goes on and on….

You don’t realize the change but you only feel it, feel it like a thorn hurting you. You don’t realize the change but once it is done, you appreciate each and everything. You appreciate each positive moment full of happiness and cherish negative moments which has made you hurt because these are moments which had pulled you back to move forward with more speed.

Every little thing which we’d felt at a moment not worthy was a simple step of our evolution. We might take a step back by thinking that whatever we are thinking is rubbish or has no value or use but sincerely our every action possesses a value. Everything leaves a mark. Even I am writing this article now, this will surely a change for something. I may not be realizing it and carving words of my heart in it but maybe after a long time when I’ll be reading it, things will be surely different and no matter what I’ll be smiling on it.

I feel restless when I got free time. It’s like I need some work or something to do every time. It has become my routine and without it, restlessness surrounds me. Now I feel wastage of time when I don’t utilize my energy for something productive.

One or two years back, I’d a lot of free time chatting with friends and wasting a lot of time just in fantasy and sleep. What it had gifted to me was a loss!

I lost my passion, my ways, my dreams and I became a blank page. All my dreams were lost. I was lost. I was thriving for something and I didn’t even know that. Something was disturbing which I was unable to figure out until it became my need to remain busy. In that particular time, I wanted to discover myself. I wanted to be same as I was. A happy, cheerful, thoughtful and hard working girl that was confident enough to bring change in this world. Now, I was lost and this world had changed me. I had become weak. I wanted to get my strength back. I wanted my confidence back which I’d almost lost.

Yeah, it needed time but at least I reached at the right track. There were many difficulties but whatever I wanted to be, I reached again at that destination. Obviously, I can’t be exactly same as I was but yes I am not the one I didn’t want to be. I have tensions, problems but above all now I have myself.

A lot of things occur and they taught us the way of living. I used to think that I have enough experiences to know and judge the world but it was not the case. Experiences are never ending part of life. We need to maintain and love our originality. We need to understand ourselves from within.

It depends only on you whether you want to bring a change or to become someone’s change. Better you choose former one because later one will make you to strive for former!

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