“If you are waiting for someone to hold you up from the misery you are going through, then stop waiting my friend. Nobody’s going to ...

“If you are waiting for someone to hold you up from the misery you are going through, then stop waiting my friend. Nobody’s going to come to you and ask you to walk with them; nobody will help you to heal because nobody could do it my friend. They don’t even know your pain; they hadn’t witnessed situations you have gone through. Nobody will even understand you better than yourself. The person you are waiting for to save you from all those painful feelings is you my dear. No one will know your ways better than you. Nobody could choose the best for you. It’s you who knows yourself best.”

I was a girl who had constantly fought with demons which didn’t even belong to me. They were not my creations. Like a free bird, I always wanted to fly. Unfamiliar to this world, I had my own world of dreams. But the demons of judgment were thrown on me. They made me ache; they made me weep but I had belief to do something; something which would silently slap these demons. I wanted to fight with society which is just not more than bullshit.

I had courage to fly high; to rise above the horizon but suddenly, I started to suspect myself. I lost my confidence. These demons and their ideal principles started taking a step over me. They started to occupy me. Unaware of the fact, I went into the dark deep sea of these demons.

As I grew up, every day, a new battle was waiting for me. I started to enter in this fake world and its principles started to overcome me. I stopped doing what I was supposed to. I forgot what goals I wanted to achieve and one more victim of broken dreams formed on this earth.

I thought someday someone will come and help me out from this mess. I became struck at a point. I wanted to move and tried but all those demons suppressed me.

These demons converted a girl who was all time radio to a girl who is shy and reserve. It’s now difficult for me to open up to anyone. It’s not like I don’t trust people but now I know they are not the ones who will provide me a remedy. There is no need to tell people what you are gone through.

When I started to discover the need to address myself first, I understood that the person I was ever searching for was me. I have lost the faith that someone will come and ask me to walk along with them.

I don’t ask people to do a favor on me nor even can I. I don’t tell people that I need them even when I need them at worst. I don’t know what destination I will reach by this but surely this has made me independent.

People can call me hard as rock but they don’t even know how much emotions and feeling are lying beneath an unspoken mouth. Words will surely be forgotten but the feelings which I am taking away with time will surely remain.

It’s like walking on seashore all alone with air touching your face, messing up with your hair, playing with your clothes and making you smile.

Of course I want somebody to walk with me; to cherish moments of life with me but I am not expecting somebody now to make me stand, to push me to walk with them b’cuz I know nobody could ever do that.

Maybe somewhere deep down, I want someday all these statements will be disproved and life could be like a fairy tale!

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